A younger version of me would definitely be thinking that way. I've done dozens of political press conferences and was always pretty good at getting reporters to show up and cover it. That took a long time to build those contact lists, but if I still had them, I'd be tempted.

One time I called out the Peoria Police Chief for hiring a stripper to help play a practical joke on a comedian who was performing in town. They fake arrested the comedian for lewd conduct, took him downtown, asked him if he wanted a lawyer, sent in a "lawyer" to help him, and she proceeded to do a striptease for him. Which, fine, I'm all for some fun, but not when they are on the clock using public resources and there are unsolved crimes aplenty out there. Made the 6 & 10 pm news on all 3 stations that night. :)

But that was a younger me, I just want to get out of here and do my own thing. If I'm still here in a couple weeks, I'll start thinking of something, I'm sure.

I had to go look it up to see if there was still anything on the internet about it, and found one article.

In 2002, as assistant police chief, he was fingered as the culprit behind a practical joke gone awry. At the behest of the manager of visiting comedian Rodney Carrington, Button and others on the force made a fake arrest of the entertainer. A fake attorney played by a stripper - Button says he didn’t know of her occupation or intent - flashed her breasts at Carrington. The ruse was captured on videotape, and the City Council demanded discipline. *

Button - who insists police hierarchy knew of the caper - agreed to a one-week suspension if no one else on the force was punished. >

The city council demanded discipline because I stirred the pot on the news before their council meeting and showed up with some angry voters. :) This might make a good post someday, now that I think about it. Wish I could find the press releases I wrote for this.

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