HOME BUTCHER SHOP UPDATE: PT2 - There May or May Not Be Dancing Involved

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HOME BUTCHER SHOP UPDATE: PT2 - There May or May Not Be Dancing Involved

Quick Update on the Butcher Shop. I had so much feedback on the first Home Butcher Workshop YouTube Video,

, that I decided to do a video on the 1st butcher shop update, & I will continue to make these Home Butcher Shop update videos too , as I progress & make changes to the home butcher shop.

And I needed to make a front step going onto the home butcher shop, so I decided why not install a small front porch or deck on the workshop.

I am also about to start on cleaning the sanding the vintage antique wooden butcher block we found off of craigslist. I had several people inquire on why I was using an old wooden butcher block & not using stainless steel, & I really did not go into detail on how exactly I plan to butcher a pig here on our farmstead.

But I have a really nice chicken butchering or home chicken processing area here on our farm, video here,

, and my plan is to breakdown the pig into to 4 primal cuts on the stainless steel in our chicken butchering area and then move to the new butcher workshop, & finish the more finess butchering in there in the workshop. And that is why I decided to use a wooden butcher block in the new workshop. Plus butchers like Scott Rea & Brandon over at the Farmstead Meatsmith are using a wooden butcher block to do all their butcher on as well. And these 2 guys, Scott Rea & the Farmstead Meatsmith, are the top of their game in the world of butchery & meatsmith.

I also picked up some flooring on sale over at Lowes for the Butcher shop & it was a great deal & will be water proof & very easy to clean up. Not to mention it looks like it will fairly easy to install.

I hope you enjoyed this YouTube Video on the Home Butcher Shop Update! Thank Y'all!

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I am so happy to see that you have beautified your processing areas. No reason to be all doom and gloom. We celebrate our harvest at our homestead and being surrounded by beauty really helps. I've been having my eyes peeled for a stainless counter top as well.


You are so entertaining

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