Long time no see Steemit

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Hello Steemit,
I know it’s been awhile, I had a bought of depression after my last post.
We had dug a hole for our DIY septic tank. Well my excavator, aka husband, didn’t make the hole big enough so it was lodged into the frozen ground.
If you remember we had septic issues, so we DIY’ed it.
Well after the tank got stuck I got depressed big time.
Then we found an incinerating toilet(old style Eco John), this thing looks like it belongs on the space station. We took out our two bucket system to instal this beast! Well the incinerating toilet started out fine, then a pin broke on the auger. We found a pin, but it took up so much room in our bathroom(like it was four feet long!). Then it was jamming, then it wasn’t burning. It quickly turned into a nightmare. We also had issues with the air draft and smoke in the house. Then we had to drill a hole in the roof...
Long story short, I pulled it out in the middle of winter and went back to our bucket system.
About three months after using a single bucket system, I finally convinced the husband to get me a natures head composting toilet. We have been using it without much issue, as long as we remember to empty it on time. 🤦‍♀️
We built a compost bin out of pallets to dump the coconut husk and waste mix.

So far this year seems to be going better then our winter.
Yes I missed Steemit, I just was at a loss as to what to say or post.

Hope you all have been well, I did check in on you guys from time to time.

Life hasn’t been slow to say the least. We have made big improvements here on our Alaskan Homestead. Small to others, but big to us.

P.S. Since it’s been awhile, I can’t remember all the cool things I use to do. Like inserting links, bold type or making the script larger. I will try and post but I have been very busy this summer, I already got sunburned from working. It’s only going to get busier, then the winter comes.


Welcome back! Good to see you again. :-)

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