Introducing new Series "Homes On The Road"!

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I am starting a new blog series called Homes on The Road!

It just started a few hours ago when Lotte, a traveler I met, described this idea she thought I should make a blog series about, in a way that I already thought of myself!

Take pictures of travelers with their vans and write a bit about them!

I really thought of this many times before myself, because I love to see the different homes on wheels that people have and all the different people that live on the road! What are their story, mission and visions?

I was always too shy to really start it, and ask people to take their picture, but then when Lotte said that she and her family would be the first participants, and quickly asked everyone else on the car park if they wanted to participate too, the project got started immediately and I already have 3 entries!
Thank you Lotte!

So here is the first entry!

Lotte, Ricardo, Miko, Yumi and Monstertruck

Alferce, Portugal


Lotte is 36 and from the Netherlands, Ricardo 34 from Portugal and together they have the son Miko on 4 and daughter Yumi on 2.


Their beautiful Mercedes 508 Monstertruck home (name given by Miko) was coverted to a motorhome by the former owner, and it got in the hands of this family by them writing a long letter explaining why the truck had to be theirs, winning it over the higher bidders!


They left The Netherlands, where they lived just a few months ago, and are now on the mission of finding a piece of land in Portugal to settle under the sun and raise their children in the wild nature.


It was really inspiring to meet this family with a very interesting story.
Ricardo basically spontaneously took a bus one day from Portugal to the Netherlands, with only 20€ in the pocket, a small backpack and no plans at all. He just felt the call to run away from troubles, that it later turned out he would have been in, had he stayed!
He had a rough time in the Netherlands, living in the streets and having problems with drugs, but he stayed and met Lotte, his polar opposite, and together they found the balance that created this beautiful family.
Just now more than 15 years later he is ready to return with his family to Portugal.

Thank you for sharing your story with me!

and thank you for reading. Follow me for more interesting traveler stories and please upvote and resteem if you like what you read!

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Great idea @frejafri!
We hope to be featured in this series one day!

I'm so happy you are enjoying blogging on steemit!



Yes i'm kindof bummed out that you are not around anymore. Your family and home would be a winner! But if we meet again! I think we are moving north for the summer

Yeah this is a great idea and I really look forward to seeing all the other people you get to meet and introduce us too and their lovely moving homes.

Waoo what a nice mobile home.
Nice pictures @frejafri

@frejafri count me in I'll be reading your post. Looking forward to it.


nice, thank you so much!

Good idea and nice story!

Interesting and great motor home story 😀

If you take a careful look at the pictures, you will see me hiding in the van and in my tent. Very cool that you started this series and I'm looking forward to the upcoming stories.

Great pictures, by the way! :>)


haha, you have to look quite carefully I think ;D Thank you!

I did this in California for a few years, just didn't have children at that point. I'd love to take my family on the road for a while though. My experience rubber tramping was a growing one that I'd have never gotten to be a part of had I not gone. Very cool idea. There's so many different kinds of people to meet on the road. It should keep your material fresh.


Yes ive met so many really different people! From one person in a big truck to a family of 7 in a tiny camper! Its really interesting to get to know the people behind the wheels :) thank you