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RE: Why We Chose To Homeschool - The Many Benefits and Advantages

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Some very significant benefits are detailed in your post, and I appreciate very much you listing them.

"I didn’t realize how ignorant I was until I started homeschooling."

This was the primary reason I homeschooled my kids. One of the most significant revelations I experienced in public school during my own youth was during Geography class in first grade. We were taught there were seven continents, which were defined as discrete land masses of more substantial size than Greenland, which we were told was an island considered to be part of N. America. During that class I remember distinctly standing at the globe in the classroom and looking at the continents.

There was N. and S. America, clearly large and discrete landmasses despite being connected by a thin strip of land in Central America. There was Africa, similarly connected by the Sinai to Asia. There was Australia. There was Antarctica. There was Europe. Wait, what?

There's no separation at all between Europe and Asia. Europe and Asia were clearly and obviously one continent.

I did not doubt my eyes. Since Eurasia was clearly one continent, the information we were given in class that they were separate continents was obviously false. It was a lie. My first question was not how to tell the truth, but 'Why is school lying to all American school children?'

I was six years old, and unable to ascertain the specific reasons and all the mechanisms that were behind this particular lie, but I was able to grasp that many, many people knew the truth, while many adults did not, and all these people were either lying or just telling us false information because they had been misinformed for a reason. For the rest of my life I have kept this lie in the forefront of my consideration of what I am told, and metaphorically compare lies to the actual globe.

When I had kids, I didn't want them to either be liars or fools that believed lies.

This is the reason I homeschooled above all others. Plenty of other good reasons, many of which you reveal here, recommend homeschooling, but avoiding subjecting our kids to a global psychological operation to mislead them for the purposes of the overlords seeking only to make them chattel essentially underly the rest.



Thank you so much for taking the time to give such a thorough response!

This was quite a revelation at such a young age. It’s amazing how you held onto that moment and it shaped/influenced your decisions as an adult.

When I had kids, I didn't want them to either be liars or fools that believed lies.

That statement is exactly how I feel about our children and why we do what we do.

Thank you for reading and giving your feedback ~

It transformed by understanding of the world and my place in it. The questions it raised continually reveal new vectors of malice, and expose how dependence renders us vulnerable to bad actors.

It seemed so obvious, and yet revealed how my peers and people generally will suspend disbelief for the sake of social acceptance, and how that creates chattel and overlords. I hope everyone asks themselves why they were lied to so obviously at such a young age, and discovers for themselves their power to understand reality rather than be deluded for the aggrandizement of would be masters.