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All children should follow the regime!
These words are heard from the older generation without a stop.

Moreover, regime rules have become so popular, that parents already don't imagine their own life, and the life of their babies without it!

Brainwashing has magic power..

My boy is 3 and according to the common rules he had go to the kindergarten since the age of 2, but he didn't.

There all children live casual regime life:
to come before 8, to have a breakfast, to play, to have an educational hour (yes, just 1 hour per day!), then a walk, a dinner, then they nap, have a luch and go home after 5 o'clock.

All the next day is similar to the previous one - almost nothing new, and the main - no freedom of choce. Even if you don't want to make something from this list, nobody cares - you just must.

Kids live their lives according to the clock.
Sleeping - 1 hour, eating - 30 min, walking - 1 hour, a lesson - 1 hour etc.

Maybe a kid wants to walk a little more than 1 hour, or he doesnt want to nap, or he just doesb't want to wake up at 7 o'clock every day!! - nobody cares, it's a regime!

My baby has full freedom of his life. We look at the watches just to know what time it is now, but not because we should be in a hurry, and we should follow the regime. We eat, sleep and walk as much as WE WANT, but not because someboy has set these rules.

It's considered to be a great fault and even my guilt as a bad mother!
Is it right?!

It's a great difference between homeschooling and educational organisations.

At home the kid is a PERSONALITY with his own wishes and demands, with his own likes and dislikes, with his right to have bad mood sometimes!

Kindergartens and schools make him just a part of the System, a part of the a group or a class. And no matter whether he wants or not, he should follow common rules.

I've conflicts with all my relatives who make me follow the regime even if my son doesn't go to a kindergarten.

  • A baby should be disciplined! He must have a regime life! - they say being absolutely sure it's the ONLY right variant.

  • For what?- I ask.- Why can't he live according to his physiological needs and wishes? Why must he "break" himself?

No reply. He just MUST. Because all people do it.
The soviet upbringing...

I don't support it.

I lived that kind of life, and I remember how much I was dreaming to have a chance to be lazy if I wanted, to sleep more if I wanted, to walk and play when I wanted, but not regime required!

And it begins at once after the birth! A newborn should sleep and eat only when regime allows it!

Breastfeeding on demand? No-no, it's wrong, - they said to me.
A baby is sucking a breast as long as he wants it?! - Stop it immediately, - they shout to me.

But I felt I was right.

Breastfeeding, sleeping, eating and all the rest should be done when a baby needs it, but not when a pediatritian says!

Are they children, or soldiers in the army?

Whom do we bring up? Bright, independent and deep personalities or just ordinary screws of the System?

Is it happy childhood?!

I've given my baby a chance TO BE FREE.
It seems to me it's an obligatory condition for developing and mental growth outside allowed frames.

Classical system education and regime life hurts children and narrows their freedom and possibilies.

They just tie his wings...

Only a person with free wings can fly high and live in full harmony with himself and the Universe!

FRIENDS, do you have such rules and traditions in your countries?
Is it obligatory to follow the regime for kids?
What do you think how it can influence kids?


Thank you for sharing

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