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RE: Why We Homeschool

I do believe that there are some that can thrive in the school system, but sadly it's not a one size fits all and therin lies the problem. There are also those that thrive in primary school, but things fall apart in high school when the approach to teaching changes and often the school is much bigger. Then there are homeschooled children who have gone to high school and managed fine because they don't have the same concerns with peer pressure and know how to study when they don't understand something.

However, it should always be the choice of the parent ultimately as they know what is best for their child. This is why I don't think school should be forced.



I would hate to live in one of the countries where I've heard it is illegal to homeschool. At least we have the choice, even if we have to jump through hoops to be allowed to.

It's the process for homeschooling very laborious in NZ? It varies here from state to state. I think in Victoria it's easiest, but SA isn't too bad.

I honestly don't know what it is like now, my time homeschooling was about 15 years ago. I did have to be careful about what I said on some of the questions in the paperwork because if they had done an inspection and I hadn't followed what I'd set out then I could have been in trouble.
Other homeschooling parents helped me through the process, which was great.
I'm glad NZ isn't large enough to have different governing states with varying rules. Too confusing.

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