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Homeschooling in an airplane would be called airschooling, right? No matter what you call it, today school was all about flying. Both older kids got to co-pilot our friends small 4-seater single engine plane.

We had only told the that we were meeting our friends somewhere and that they were going to try something they had never done before. As we get closer to the airport the kids notice a small plane that is just about to land, it flys right over us and their excitement over seeing a plane that close is hard to describe. A few minutes later they realize that we are going to the airport and get even more excited. When they find out that they will actually get to, not just go up in the plane, but also fly it I think they almost exploded with anticipation.

Our friend is an excellent flight instructor and both kids did very well. He showed them how to control the plane and they got to turn, go up and down. They each got about a half hour in the co-pilot seat and maybe 5 or 10 minutes when they were controlling it.

A very exciting day and a great experience for all of us.
Thank you John!

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For their age it is really a great experience.


Yes it really is a great experience and I love to give them opportunities to try many different things.