Teaching My Son to Read!

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If you could, would you take the opportunity to homeschool your children?



It isn't ever easy. And I would be Lisk if I didn't say that everyday my wife and I contemplate sending our children to government schools.... where we are already paying for taxes there anyway.

But it is in these moments that my son is actually ready all by himself! That I know we can do this. And on top of that, we are teaching our children compassion and God's love!!

Love this Steemit Community!!! Thank you for allowing me to hang with you.


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My humble opinion no one would be a better teacher for your kids than you and your wife. No one cares more or loves your kids more. Think you are doing a life changing thing. Keep it up

I've done some home-preschooling with both of my boys. However, my oldest attends public school, and my youngest will start pre-kindergarten this fall. I sometimes wish we homeschooled, and now, especially with all of the shootings and such happening in schools these days. It definitely scares me, and makes me think more about our decisions for educating our boys.

I loved homeschooling my kids! I had a terrible time in public schools, and sent my kids to public school for a couple of years. I didn’t know that I could homeschool them, or I would’ve from the beginning. I loved teaching my kids. They could all read very simple books before kindergarten. So taking them out of elementary school and taking over their education wasn’t a hard thing for me to do. Their education wasn’t limited to the basic subjects, they had daily bible study, lots of hands on learning and plenty of time to pursue what they were interested in. And in our area, there’s an independent football team that my boys were able to play for that traveled to Kansas City, Rolla, MO, Blue Eye, Arkansas and several other cities. It was such an amazing experience! Enjoy your homeschooling time, you’ll be missing it too soon. <3

Well done...well done...seems like you have made the best decision!