My first attempt at an educational children's video

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I am disgusted with the videos for kids on youtube. They did finally take off the ones where cartoon knock-offs were showing superheroes cutting babies apart and screwing each other... If you just started with "Learn the ABCs" and let it run, it would go to some filth EVERY TIME. Almost like youtube had an algorithm. They got called out on that bullshit, and those videos seem to be gone now. Still, many of the "kids videos" are nothing but commercials for ridiculous, cheap toys, and they use kids to hock the garbage to littler kids. Charming. The worst is the lack of common sense on the commercials. These are KIDS videos, do not put the ad up for Hoochey Mommas Tinder Hook Ups.

I looked for educational videos to purchase, and I am not wild about my options there, either. Why are we making cartoon kids look like they work at Hoochey Mommas Tinder Hook Ups? Why do cartoons have to push political agendas? Where is the "education" of HOW to think, not what to think? Not on youtube, I can tell you that.

So... I want my grandkids to have some decent educational videos if I have to make them myself. Today I got started. The audio is not great, but I know what I messed up and can improve that next time. I have to come up with better ideas for the animation - that took WAYYYYY too long to produce. But here it is, the fruits of my day's labor. And I mean all day for less than 2 minutes of video... but at least I got started. I will get faster, the videos will get better. I am still rather proud of me and this little creation.

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  ·  2 months ago (edited)

My grand kids would have already fired, they be like "really grandma" with a eye roll. I am picky what they can watch, it has to be kid appropriate. Mostly Nickelodeon channel. My oldest grandson taught himself to read before he entered school watching Wally Kazaam. I know what you mean though about inappropriate stuff though because my son's girlfriend has a son who when they came into our family was five going on fifteen...I had to watch everything he tried watching, a lot of that stuff was to old for him, more so for teens. It's taken some time but he's a lot closer acting to his own age least around here, I don't know about school, where when she was pregnant I had to go pick him up from kindergarten because she was a high risk pregnancy, I use to cover my head just in case anybody I knew didn't know the kindergarten terror resided with us. Here he's learned his limits...that's being a kid so he knows not to push it, at school I am not so sure as after dealing with him for several years they are putting him in a special program at another school next year so I am thinking he's till pushing the limits at school.

Yeah, I do not allow Nickelodeon around here either, too many pedophiles involved in that station, like Disney. I just cannot watch "child actors" without wondering how many times they have been abused, how many of them will become abusers... takes the fun right out of it.
The kids are coming up tonight, I will find out what they think soon lol! I think they will be entertained by it. They are still pre-school age, and LOVE to learn, and usually find it amazing that granny is on TV... Without anything but a few coloring books, they can already read and write simple words and do basic addition. With no drag queen story hour or mandatory vaccines...

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I have yet to see one drag queen story on Nick Jr., I've watched hours of Nick Jr with my grand kids. They do a wonderful job educating kids. My personal opinion seeing how advanced my grand kids are going into pre-school that Nick Jr is just what millions of kids across the country need whose parent(s) both work and are limited in the amount of time they can spend with kids, coming home from work and fixing dinner they can rest assured their kids have something interesting and educational to watch, and for those parents who are just plain losers Nick Jr is a blessing for those kids, they fill a need that has never been out there before. I have never seen Nick Jr ever get caught up into the vaccine debate. I do not watch the Nickelodeon channel, though I have caught a couple shows on there that seemed okay, as my grand kids are not old enough for that, I'd rather they watch age appropriate stuff. I think in any group that deals with children as a whole there will be bad apples drawn there just because it gives them access to kids but I don't feel it the majority of everybody involved. You have to remember that there are millions of kids out there whose parents wouldn't pick up a pencil to help their kids let alone make them a homemade video. That's a huge difference.

The drag queens are in the libraries around the country. And Nickeldeon has too many pedophiles on staff, those kids are being abused, regardless of how wholesome the shows are. I just do not do "professional" entertainment, I do not even have any way to watch TV any more. No cable, no antenna, no satellite. I realize everyone has to do their own thing, but I try VERY hard not to let pedophiles get a penny out of me. Of course, the taxers have me over a barrel...

Good start! Remember conjunction conjunction what’s your function? One of Christy’s favs!

It was a total fail lol! Less than 2 minutes and they all wandered off to play. I think it was at least in part because the audio is so bad. Yeah, I wish I could get hold of some old videos, from back in the day we were not trying to push political agendas on 5 year olds...

What grandmother's will do for their grandchildren. Good for you! Respect!

Thanks! They will get to see it tonight, we shall see how it plays in Peoria lol!