HOMERPEPE - Rare Pepe card

in #homerpepe7 years ago

Rare Pepe of the day for July 3, 2017, is HOMERPEPE.

HOMERPEPE is Rare Pepe card issued in series 2.


There are only 1 HOMERPEPE card. Current price of HOMERPEPE is 250 XCP ($3,099.30).


Today price of PEPECASH is $0.016740 (14.93%)


I started with Pepe cards presentation series on a daily base. At the end of the week I will randomly choose one voter for a small prize of 2000 PEPECASH or one rare PEPE card.

If you want to participate in the game please add your XCP address in comment.



The best card to date.

Homer Pepe... that's cooler than donuts, d'oh! Count me in 1Nm7z4uC3myy4agYQrckJax7Do3YzUaBNV

I dont want it, but nice post man, I love that card lol

Keep up the good work buddy

152 in rank and 4587 btc in market looks good

this is something new for me :) thanks ,i will chek it.

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