2 Minutes with the Farmer: Homemade Hot Toddy!!!

in homemade •  7 months ago

Today on 2 minutes with the Farmer I am going to share the secret family recipe for a Hot Toddy. If you have never had a hot toddy you are missing out. A hot toddy is great whenever you are feeling under the weather. You will have to watch the video to see the secret ingredients.

Thank you for watching and spending 2 minutes with me!!!

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It's even better when things that are good for you actually taste good! I'll give you one teeny tip, but only because I like you & @thefarmerswife. We ditched our microwave years ago for several reasons, the first being that it stopped working and I didn't want to spend the money on a new one! 😜 I'm not suggesting you trash yours, but for crying out loud, don't kill that raw honey, man! Heat the other ingredients, then stir in the honey for maximum benefit. 😉

So, did you accidentally inhale some of the drink at the end? I ask because it's something I do regularly. The whole family laughs at me because they're so used to it, lol!


Yes I inhaled it. Those are potent fumes. Great tip will add honey as the final step.

Sweet brother what is the last ingresient. I did not get it.


Peppermint oil. Just a few drops


thanks brother

Haven't had one of those in years...you just reminded me that alcohol does still serve a useful purpose. 👍


Glad I could help. They really do help me whenever I start feeling sick. Thanks for watching

Hot Toddys all round!! I’d probably heat mine on the stovetop though :)
Please tell me there’s a story behind the name?


Heating on the stove is a great idea. I am not sure what the story behind the name is. That is just what I have always heard them called

Farmers are the future! Hey great video brother. I always add a few drops of fresh ginger juice for added benefits and great flavor :)


Ginger juice. Great idea!

Sorry you aren't feeling up to par. Hope the Hot Toddy worked!

hahaha! "there ain't no amounts" lol. that's what you said man! yeah I'll take one of those, better get a bigger bottle of whiskey!
hey where's the calves? haven't seen calves for days!


Now you want calves!!! You are a hard man to please;)

Lol "pour a little bit of honey" thats the funniest thing I've seen all day

Too much whiskey there at the end? Or not enough! :-)


I don’t drink much whiskey I forgot how strong it was;)

Looks good! I will have to give that a try!


Give one a try and let me know what you think

Never heard of a Hot Toddy before, but then again, I haven’t heard of a lot of things lol! Hmm, not sure that one is for me. My grandpa was always a supporter for blackberry brandy.


It is strong but it warms you up if you are feeling bad. Thanks for watching

Hot toddies are good for whatever ails you! I assume when you said whiskey you meant Kentucky bourbon? We use good old Canadian rye whiskey in ours!


Bourbon is good too. Will have to try some Canadian rye whiskey;)