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in homelessness •  2 months ago

There are homeless people outside on the streets where I live now. This has been a recent development. I want to unwind them so they don't exist. When I first arrived in Liverpool there were a few "regular" homeless people in the city centre who you would recognise. This was 2009.

Within a few years the outbreak occurred. I remember seeing normal looking people walking around dazed and confused asking for change. They hadn't yet been taken by the streets which is why they looked normal. Fresh on the streets. Safety net removed from beneath them.

I tried to do something back then, but it all landed on deaf ears, from people who said things like "they all have drug problems", and in this new era of 2018 some of the same people who said that have since experienced homelessness.

People don't perceive it. It's only recent that where I live is now covered in bodies, as the city centre is so full of bodies, the bodies are migrating at an exponential rate. It is exponential growth of evictions and homelessness, and people don't see it or care for the numbers.

Will most of England soon be homeless standing outside mostly empty houses?

Can the mad English be stopped from killing themselves? Can cognitive biases be overcome? Or is the rapidly growing multi-billion pound industry that has popped up around homelessness too profitable to remove the homeless customers from their services?

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Decentralized home ownership.

That is definitely distressing. Though this will be the path of some people who will either burn out or bounce back, it is still unnerving and gives you a sense of helplessness.

I find my problem is that I have only a limited amount of "solution" to apply to the problem. This is why I am building a business and also exploring block chain for opportunities and wealth available to all.

Capitalism will always be what it is and as it advances, those on top will build their ability to stay there. What can we do to find the less fortunate who are willing to contribute their effort to finding there personal solution?

Love discussions like these.