New liberal Tulsa Mayor is secretly attacking the Homeless, while claiming on T.V. he wants to help them!

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The city of Tulsa is making noises about helping the Homeless, but since the new RINO mayor took office, things have NOT been going well! They began "cleaning out" under bridges; by stealing the blankets we just gave to these poor people! Last week, they began driving people off that 'look homeless', from stores. These people are not bothering anyone, they just look homeless, so they are now targets! They are now giving tickets to people with backpacks in public parks...for Trespassing! HOW can you a PUBLIC Park?

I need to get some old clothes and a backpack, and get myself arrested!

These are mostly good people, who are just in a bind, and with a little help; they can climb out! We gave a Man bus fare to get back home, so he could have family support, and they wouldn't let him get into the bus station to buy the ticket! We had to go with him, to get him on the bus home! I am so DAMN Mad at these Hypocrites; STOP attacking easy targets, and go buy a box of compassion somewhere! You need a heart transplant to replace that rock in your chest!

It is easy to attack the helpless, but a real Man (or Mayor) would never stoop so low! SORRY, End of rant; but they were on the news last night about all the help they were giving the homeless, just had to vent!

Here is Mayor Bynam's website; please tell this Idiot what you think of attacking those in a bind, while claiming to help them on the news! CALL HIM, Thanks, they need your help!

City of Tulsa
In 1900, Tulsa's population was approximately 1,400 people. In 2000, it was just shy of 400,000. What happened in one century that allowed such tremendous growth? Some will say it was the discovery of oil, and that no doubt played a part. But oil was discovered in many towns across Oklahoma that did...

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