Horror of the Homeless

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Photo by Alvin Decena from Pexels

Their number is increasing.
Every day a new homeless person appears on the streets of the UK.
By and large they are usually ignored, all to often we walk by them, carried away with our thoughts of our day and our various issues.

It's easy to think of these people as less than people (to some) but in the main we are all maybe just 3 pay days away from being in the very same situation.

It takes very little to go wrong for us to find ourselves to be one of the invisible people. And the reality is looming closer than we would like to think.

Every day it seems that another long established business closes, From the 2 hundred year history of UK high street favorite Woolworths to the imported American Toy store Giant Toys R us and now the house of Fraser. Our high street is vanishing.

With employment opportunities becoming increasingly hard to find how will future generations survive?
How will we escape the horror of Homelessness ourselves?

What are our schools doing to prepare our children for a future of a completely different employment model?
What can WE do?

For my part I am learning different ways to create an online income for myself and for my family.
This platform is one part of my online solution.

What other solutions are, or could in the future be, available to us and our children?

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