Ole Homeless B Ain't Homeless No Mo'!

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Such Excite

After many many days at my homeless shelter resort style hotel, and by the grace of the gods and kindness of strangers, my family and I will be moving into an actual apartment the last weekend of this month! Now, while I wish it looked like that top picture, it's much more like this one:


Tiny Homes

It's tiny. Itsy bitsy. And a lil'bit far from my kids school. But seriously, ask me how many fucks I give about any of that.


Assumptions Make Asses and Stuff

Just because I give zero fucks about anything other than the fact that my family has a place to go, do not assume that I will be happy with this situation much past... oh I'd say day 7. One week of breathing and then I'll start to have all the fucks back, and be ready to move into something much more appropriate. I'm sure I'll post all about that too, but for now, I'm happy. Thanks to all of you out there who let me know you cared, even if it was because me being homeless has such good comedic value.

Just Beth333.jpg


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Congrats! So the end of the month we will be seeing more of you right? :)


yes! well, maybe more like the beginning of next month, but :soon:!!

Ohh the comedy. JK. Glad you found something temporary to call home, without the bedbuds, for now. Sorry my basement wasn't an ideal choice. :)~


it was a REALLY close call. ;)


Being homeless sucks and living in a tiny places sucks too, but i’m glad u have shelter and are staying positive even though you don’t give a duck right now. I hope that your situation continues to improve until you are truly happy and will give a pluck again.

wooooo so happy for you

When you told me that you found a place, albeit a tiny itsy bitsy one, I was like yasss! Good to hear things are looking up for y'all. :-) I will be on the lookout for the "I got all the fucks back" post in Sept. Then we can get back to seeing you online again, a lot.. right?

Fantastic! I am so happy for you guys!
But, if you do every get those pesky buggers again, I have the solution.
House Centipede - they eat spiders, bed bugs, cockroaches etc.
Unfortunately my dog smashed this one with her paw (oops). They are a little unsettling when you see the 30 legged thing running across the ceiling, but better than the other bugs!