Reminder: take off your shoes

in #homeedlast year

Today I enjoyed the sunshine on my bare feet and felt the heat of the ground on my soles.


It felt like summer.
During these anxious and isolated times this was a lovely thing to be doing.

It was fully encouraged by my 6 year old who said I should do it like him to feel how good it felt.

I listened to him and did it, and he wasn’t wrong. Kids are never wrong about these kinds of thing.
We walked around for ages, and even ran with bare feet. It was ace.

**Why when we are in lockdown does the sun shine so amazingly?

However, my brand new Dr Martens also arrived.


So as much as I love the heat of the sun on my feet, I also love crushing enemies with my boots!

Stay safe, stay happy and keep on Steeming/Hiving X