Constructing My Garage

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I began building our garage in March of 2016 when a friend and I excavated and poured the concrete footings.

It wasn't until November of that year when I formed up and poured the curb wall that the structure would rest on. Then in May of 2017 I hired a contractor to install floor drains and pour the concrete floor.


I began framing the walls each evening after work in September 2017. My goal was to have the structure enclosed before winter. I ordered manufactured roof trusses from a company here in town, which my friends and I lifted into place one scorching hot September afternoon.



Next, I sheathed the roof and walls with OSB. I stapled synthetic felt paper on the roof, and Tyvek housewrap on the walls.



I installed the windows, walk-through door, then the two 8' x 10' insulated overhead doors. I put steel shingles on the roof to match the house. I installed vinyl siding on three sides of the garage, and put stone veneer on the front.


I was able to do all the electrical wiring myself. I hung the sheetrock, although I paid a professional to tape and mud the joints, since he was much faster than I would have been.


To finish off the garage, I painted the walls and ceiling, and created a custom entrance to the back door of the house.


Notice the cat patiently waiting to be let inside!

Being able to park our vehicles indoors and out of the weather is an incredible advantage!

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Now that's progress! Bet there are a lot of cats in there now. :-)

All the hard work payed off, the garage looks amazing! And the cat is so cute! :)

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