Holybread game ... Good to earn ?

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I started playing holybread after it launch for an month. So I cant push to high ranks ... I am now #485 with 0.00056 Steem / h earning rate in breadcrumbs. I sold 1 item to @hersi007 at $0.43 before ( much thanks because it pretty a high price ) It's a good game to play but not a good game to earn if you want to join now ... wait for the second server ;) because the earning is pretty low now ( if you start now you will get like around ... 20 breadcrumbs per 15 min so wait ... ) I am now saving bread for second hero ( I used much for better item ) ( 2 + 1 epic item )
Reason why you should wait

  1. many dead accounts with high level
  2. many accounts playing which will lower your reward
  3. you are late for 10000 breadcrumbs :( OP @zagorlort
    lets wait ...
    Ya end my blog is boring right ?
    comment to buy my item if you want
    https://holybread.io/equipment/?id=I-KN9NZWLQ98 head
    https://holybread.io/equipment/?id=I-7N9LYK6GV6 chest
    Vote for me and maybe I will buy premium to test for you ;)

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Thanks @ddrfr33k voted 75% with 955.44 SP voting power ( $0.01 ) :)

Dead accounts don't count on the ranking, so that's actually a good thing for you! But I think it's only worth playing if you buy premium and get good high level heroes. Then you will meet ROI after 6 months or so, getting only profit after that.

yeah but dead accounts is hard to beat ( total lv 95 with 1 hero lv 69 and 126 weapon damage )

Oh yeah, I didn't think of that.

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