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Yep! I'm still somehow playing this game although not anymore that active compared to when the @holybread account still posts updates and plans on their blog. XD

Anyways, on one of my quests I fortunately found another EPIC HERO again. Woohoo!

If I am not mistaken, this is now the 4th EPIC Hero that I've got in the game. It would have been more than perfect if it was an EPIC MAGE or an EPIC ARCHER since I am using already an EPIC WARRIOR with a 10% TEAM more LIFE BOOST on my Team.

Annotation 20200514 064539.jpg

Since, I love the bonus skill of the epic hero I've just got which is 10% more TEAM DAMAGE which I believe is very useful in arena matches, I have switched out my level 44 common Archer with the hero above.

Not really to my liking but my team composition is 1 MAGE and 2 WARRIOR at the moment. XD The 2 bonus skills of the 2 EPIC WARRIOR has shown great results in the arena though as I managed to enter the top 100 now.


The Ponzi Collapsed, it was good while it lasted. The ones that got in early without investing that sold each day managed to get something out of it. Those that got in late probably just wasted their time and those that invested most likely lost money.

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