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RE: Holybread RPG browsergame on STEEM - Test round is doing great!

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Dear @holybread

I'm trully enjoying being part of your beta-testing team. Current product is clearly still very simple, however I can easily recognize your potential (especially after I experienced how awesome are your communication skills).

A few notes that come to our mind:
Guilds (fighting together against other guilds and impressive monsters)
Dungeons (solo fighting against powerful monsters)

Interesting ideas. One of the most important challenges will be to provide players with incentive to actually spent their STEEM / delegate SP.

Currently buying bread is the only reason to spent steem. And bread isn't really that necessary.

Perhaps "unlocking" some little extra features, which also cost a bit (like selling "skinns"). I would see great potential in adding 'customize your characters'. Imagine if as I user I could pay for drawing a hero based on my photo (provided of course by me). I surely would spent 10$ to have my own cartoon being my hero.
Something to think about.

Or for example adding green liquid worth few steem, which would increase speed of regaining energy +1 for some period.

Upvote on the way (both from this account and 250k SP from @project.hope - I also resteemed your post on this account and shared it within ourcommunity telegram channel to help you get some extra traffic).
Yours, Piotr


Thank you for your awesome support @crypto.piotr, we enjoy having you in the beta testing team.

We agree, there are not enough ways to spend bread. For us it's important that bread does NOT give a too huge advantage over other players BUT to make things easier and more customizable.
So your idea with changing skins of heroes is something that matches with our philosophy.
We have some other ideas which we will be implementing until the main release. These things just weren't important for the test round itself, but they are coming :)

Your input is really appreciated it helps us with creating and thinking about a lot of new ideas.

Have a nice day!

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