The story how I was kidnapped in Tanzania...

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Once, when I was in Tanzania, it was actually one of my the best holidays, however, I was kidnapped... It was really smart and planned in advance criminal story. In the beginning they have actually made me trust them, and then acted how they planned.
Starting from beginning, I woke early in the morning and went for a walk by the beach. I saw some nice places, morning fish market. On my way, one of the locals told me that I should go to another more beautiful beach. After some time, I have decided to go to that mentioned beach to chill because it was my last day in Tanzania (Dar Es Salam). I took a taxi and went there. As usually some locals talked to me but it is ok I have already used to that. One of them said that he is a taxi driver and he can drop me to my hotel as soon as I am done. I answered nicely that it is fine, when I am ready I will find a taxi myself.
End of the day I decided to go to the hotel to pack my stuff and catch a flight late at night. The taxi driver offered to drop me to the hotel. All was fine, I came back to the hotel, packed my stuff and around 10pm I left my hotel to catch a taxi to the airport. A same guy, who dropped me to the hotel from the beach, was outside of my hotel. Just because I have already trusted him, I had agreed him to drop me to the airport, I did not think anything bad but then the story started.
The taxi driver put my luggage to the back of the car and asked me to sit into the car. As soon as I get into the car he also did and then some other random person get in too. I start wondering, since then the taxi driver driving with one more person in car. Finally I understood that the taxi man is going completely different location and not to the airport. After asking them where we are going they told me that they are mafia. They kept me in the car for more than two hours and I was lucky that they only needed money from me and did not do anything to me, in addition they took my cameras, phone, laptop and other belongings, they asked for my pin to be given to them so they can take more money from my card.
The interesting thing was that after when I was robbed, they gave me some cash to catch another taxi to go to the airport and to buy some water etc. otherwise I would never could come back.
At the airport police also were so cold faced and it seemed that it was normal daily incident.



I don't know how much this story is true... ( I want to believe it is.. and that not all kidnappers kill their victims...) but it was interesting post to read and I hope next stories you will share with us are more positive!

it is true, and I have more stories to tell about my travelling, good and bad stories. ;) it is actually quite positive for me as this live story made me stronger and that does not mean I would never go back to Tanzania ;) it can happen everywhere.