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Traveling to the beach is not expensive. The cost you need to spend to travel to the beach that is accommodation or vehicles. The beaches in Indonesia on average can be reached by private vehicles.

Even if you do not have a private vehicle, most beach locations can be reached by public transport. In order for your cheaper accommodation costs it is better to choose a beach destination closest to your home position. Second, tickets.


The beauty of the beach not only can be enjoyed by certain social circles. You certainly do not suspect, that a trip to the beach can have a positive impact on health. Based on research, humans in ancient times have often gone to the beach to cure various diseases that menghinggapinya.

In the 18th and 19th centuries humans flocked to shore to relieve depression and tuberculosis. The benefits of the beach for health are further strengthened by various discoveries in modern times.

Almost all the components on the beach can have a positive impact on the health of banusia. Air, sunshine, sand beaches, and sea water can help cure various types of diseases.

Sunlight will help the body in producing vitamin D. Basking under the sun in the morning will help you in maintaining healthy bones and teeth. In addition, sunlight is also able to prevent autoimmune disease.
Sand beach. Walking on the beach sand can strengthen the leg muscles.

Sea water is a mineral that is contained in sea water can cure the infection, a detoxification of various types of toxins, and heart healthy.

In addition, swimming on the beach can decrease anxiety and depression. Various health benefits with a trip to the beach is what makes the reason people never feel in vain to travel to the beach.

People who travel to the coast will experience spiritual improvement in his soul. Seeing the beauty of God's creation will make people more understanding of the Creator's Creator.

Beach waves pounding faint sound of birds and sea breeze will provide peace of mind.

Forget for a moment the various routines, pressures, and piles of work. The natural beauty of the coast is able to give magic to a soul full of discomfort.

This sense of calm will help one's spiritual improvement. Slowly his heart will be grateful for all the favors he has received. Ketenagan soul obtained with a trip to the beach akam help you in starting the day with something new. New ideas and new spirit.

Swimming is certainly the first thing we think about when going on a beach trip. And on the beach we not only can do that. Many cool activities that can be done. Camping on the beach is one way that can be done to make a trip to the beach becomes leih interesting.

Traveling to the beach will also be very interesting for children. There, you with the family can play sand beach or play beach volleyball. Spending time by doing various activities will make your vacation endless to tell.

Traveling to the Beach will get a magical atmosphere within you. Various relationships can be more closely intertwined when traveling to the beach. First, family relations. Parent busyness
sometimes makes children feel less get the attention should be. Vacationing together can melt the child's feelings grow unattended.

A very spacious beach room is perfect for use with your family.

Swimming together, playing, surfing or just eating together at the beach will make your child feel the warmth and affection of their parents.


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