One more week of sunshine ☀️

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Here goes, a blog on the iPhone that is acting up and registering one in 3 keypresses, from the departure lounge...

I have a spare hour before.... I get on a plane for a week in Mallorca!


There was no option but to drink their way to the runway

What? You've only just arrived back in the UK!?

Yeah I know, but it's a week and a half until I start work and my mum needs some painting doing. So why not hire the worst painter, not in town, for the job, so he can spend the rest of the time lounging by the pool?

I got lucky I know, I am not a good painter and the only reason I got the job was... it's not what you know it's who you know. Cheers Mum!

The apartment in Spain needs a coat of paint to protect it from the 'harsh' winters. Does anyone actually believe me when I say it is cold and damp in the winter? The mould attacks the inside of the walls facing Europe and the hope is that a clean, a bleach, another clean, and a special paint will help.

It'll probably also help that I won't be there this winter, breathing out CO2 and generally bringing dampness (?) to the room. And honestly, I won't miss the place come November - much better to be aware that it's going to be shit weather in the UK and dress up for the worst.

So yeah, a little painting, and hopefully a fair amount of sun before work begins next month. I have the laptop and so the scheduled posts for the EL, Actifit contest, and Acidyo's #sfpl will still happen.

Disappointingly, I couldn't find my Fit-bit before I left today and so you won't get any Actifit posts this week. I'll have to replace those with an Appics 'beer by the pool' post instead.

Or, I could get paid to Resteem - see my latest Resteem for details. It's an interesting one, follower count / follower SP total / follower relevant tribe stake total / Steem UA ranking - just some of the many options.

I changed my vote timings the other day and have since learned that this was not the time to do so - do not copy me and wait until fork day.

In advance of this trip, I wrote down some instructions regarding my Steem accounts for my brother in case something happens to me at any point. The person I gave the USB stick to said 'why now, you'll jinx your flight'. I say BS, prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Alright, time to finish my drink and get on the plane (that will land safely later today).




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Have a safe trip and enjoy your "sun" .. is this somekind of goodbye to wonderful life and welcome to the dull life of working man..LOL.

Exactly that 😬

One more trip to the sunshine before I rot at a desk for X year/s - or months - please months!

Free tanning service mode on😂 you should collect all the free vitamin D to save for months... I'll pray for you then, the desk job will be just for months.. no matter it's 6 or 60 months 😅

😂 a good point - 6000 months 🙄😩

It will be better if it's 6M/month and You can stop working after 6 months. Oohh.. come on😉 you'll enjoy your new job.. but now, Sunshine First! Who cares about tomorrow when all you havevis present😉

Ahh, the present 🎁 I shall enjoy the 🎁😁

Haha!! I changed mine too. I got confused though, will the reverse auction window be getting changed to a minute or five minutes? On gitlab it says 5 but I was sure I saw a post saying 1.

Anyway, enjoy the painting and the warmth you lucky batata!!!

How wrong is it to shout, your mother has the painters in!!



I heard 5. But that is for 50/50 and not the votes which will make up the 50/50 payout in 5 or so days time. I suspect our CR will be dogshit next week 🤦🏻‍♂️

Wrong, definitely, funny, I think so! 😁

Cheers !BEER

Aha! I did the !BEER thing wrong. Better luck this time!

Yeah, I can't bed bothered going back and changing it. Oh well, if it works for those zombie CR baggers maybe it will work for us!!

Surely I have more than 6 beers!

I thought the very same for myself!

You need to stake more BEER (6 staked BEER allows you to send 1 BEER per day)

Stake and beer, I see!

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I changed my vote timings the other day and have since learned that this was not the time to do so - do not copy me and wait until fork day.

Same.. but I cant be arsed to change them back, it's not like its a lot anyway.

Same here. This week is officially burn week.

Wish I could paint badly too...

Have fun in the sun and enjoy the time with your mum.

If you work hard at school...

Thanks 😁

I have missed out on a lot because I didn't work hard at school...

I worked my arse off at school, just got a bit lost after that.

Yeah. I noticed a few people have changed their vote to come in a split second after I post.

I thought I'd wait and see. A week or 2 is not going to make a massive difference in my curation earnings that for sure.

interestingly my mum was saying that she's finding the winters harder in Gozo these days than the summers so she's planning on coming back for a 3 week stint in February! 😱

she covets the central heating and John's cooking and generally being spoilt which is fine by me. 😁

Have a fab time in Menorca. I hope you get plenty of it beside the pool.

A week or two won't matter much, and I think you are right in staying here you are.

Does that mean you will see your mum more? That's good news isn't it 😁

I'll be at the pool in about 10 hours time.

When you touchdown the resteem reformation will be in full swing and you're earning for your adventurous spirit. I'm a man of my word. I'll consider the upvote as the virtual handshake 😀

Have fun winterizing the Spain spot and in all seriousness some interesting ideas are popping up in regards to our experimenting with curation...


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Cheers 😁 Yeah I saw a few and blew my vote upping them a little. The tribes could well end up being the experiments for what's to come down the line.

Don’t tell me that you will work harder in the upcoming week than the last time you stayed in Mallorca!

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Correct! Didn't do a thing last time 😎

Mallorca is a great place for your holidays! Fun, Sea and Drinks all night long 🌅

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For sure, although I'm very fundless this time so I doubt this will be happening 😛

Thank you Barbara I shall do my best!

"I changed my vote timings the other day and have since learned that this was not the time to do so - do not copy me and wait until fork day."

Too late for that. Doesn't take me that long to change it back again, but I don't really care much about it.

I guess I wouldn't have said the same if I had hundreds of thousands of Steem though... Good luck with the painting! :D

Yeah at present it's the difference of a couple of STEEM.

Paint and pool, hopefully more pool than paint :)

Nice one last vacation before work, enjoy the hopefully sunny days. Have a !BEER for the flight, it will smooth out the turbulent bumps, if there are any.

Cheers for the beer and sunshine wishes, both of those tomorrow I hope 😎

Safe travels buddy! Always a great time to enjoy the coast before the end of the summer!

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Thank you, yes the temperature is ideal :D

How much are plane tickets from Mallorca to UK? Prob not that much, the most expensive part of traveling is the hotel and you got that covered...

Out of season next to nothing, this time of year, more than your average painters wages😁

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It seems that others have also been a bit premature 💥

Wasn't going to mention any names but seeing as you are here, yes!

Voting comments is likely to be the road to no rewards but I shall use this rare specimen as a test!

Oh man, I forgot about that as well!

Hi @abh12345,
I got a problem with my engage token.
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lets see...

There is something really satisfying about painting. At the end of the day the arms and legs are all stretched to exhaustion, the lungs full of that paint scent, the skin has taken on the ethnicity of whatever color was inside of the paint can. But then when it is all done, food and drink never tasted so good, and a shower is a bit like a luxury spa. Enjoy. I need to get down to it around here as well.

I trust you made it safe. Best wishes for a little vacation mixed in with the paint.