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Dear @tomoyan

I trully wonder if regular users can find value in holdex. My initial impression was not the strongest one: I was like "what the hell is this site about"?

So my main question would be: can holdex hold users attention? Would people re-visit their website for any reason? Right now I'm quite unsure what to think.

Holdex, the name comes from a "joke" that you hold "ex" like you hold on to crypto or something. I really don't get the joke, and I am not sure why you need to hold on to "ex"
I think this must be some sort of Russian joke (after all, CEO is from Russia) :)

It is really hard to understand what it is because there is no help, FAQ or "Get Started" thing so that you can get the idea of what this platform is and what to do with it.
You nailed it.
Knowing that most people suffer short attention span - I would not expect many to actually spent much time trying to figure out what Holdex is about.

I would like to thank you for investing your own time, doing research and sharing your thoughts about HOLDEX.

I'm not sure if conversation with them will go. It's hard to tell if there is any room for collaboration between them and our community. Tomorrow I will find out more, while having skype call with their CEO.

Yours, Piotr


Hi @crypto.piotr, As a regular user, it it hard to tell what to do on this site... like should I follow people? should post something is it okay to do thing? I was pretty confused too. They need to guide users. But then the CEO was talking about the other side of their business, user user acquisition. So I think their focus is more on this end. But then there isn't much going on the site so not sure if they can actually get users for crypto projects.

Appreciate your comment @tomoyan

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