Jozankei Hot Spring

in #hokkaido2 years ago

I figured this onsen scene from our book, Little Piggies Go To Hokkaido, was fitting to post on #steemit ♨️ The town of Jozankei is about an hour outside of Sapporo and is known as the #hotsprings town. It is also known for its beautiful autumn foliage. While wandering around Jozankei, you will notice statues of the Kappa, a mythical water goblin comprised of a legendary tale. This water goblin, named Kappon, became the town mascot in 2012. It is pictured here in the onsen with the piggy. I know if I went to Hokkaido, I’d be headed right to the hot springs and would grab a Kappon souvenir while I’m at it - this mascot is too cute!
HO Onsen.jpg

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