If you believe in your favourite crypto currency then HODL it!

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HODL'ing is a long term goal, where the HODler decides to holds the coin and not to sell it even if the conditions are All time high price or worse at its low in the markets. Because a Hodler believes in that cyrpto coin, because of its features, usability and transparency which will be the huge need of that kind in the future

For those of you who are unaware, intentional misspell of hold as hodl is actually a mistake gone viral.

Which all started from this reddit thread.

actually its totally relatable for me , because even im a bad trader and i really love bitcoin so i don't like selling it too and implementation of HODLing will also save you from volatality and lots of FUD. If you just know that you have invested in the right thing , who has got dedicated devs and usability in the future.

There are some regrets though for not Hodling some coins

Few months before , i was much into this crytpo coin called "Raiblocks (XRB)"
which got me interested due to it was very easy to earn and also got qualities like zero fess and fast transactions. Since it was easy to get, i had got 500xrb at that time price was 0.0000035 btc (0.5$)

Even at that time many developers or experienced crypto people said its highly undervalued and its foolish to sell at the cheap price. But greed got me well and couldn't see much more than profit and sold it at all at 0.5$
only if i had a little patience and waited for few more months and believed that coin has potential and future rather than profit, then i would have enjoyed this

Current price is 30$ and it's at the 14th Rank

If i had patience then i would be in profit. but yes i got profit but less for having the lower perception.If i had an open mind and thought more than profit, then it would benefited me in many ways
but yeah we all need money and bills to pay.

In short, don't be like me and sell at the cheap prices :D

Even i can see the same thing happening to steemit, its totally undervalued. So i know what to do now XD
And every coin has got some limitied supply and what would happen if all the coins got mined, making the supply low and demand high, then price will reach high for sure.
I consider we are fortunate to be at these times and witness things like these. Blockchain, cryto currency all are one step towards the making world better with more decentralization. So let us be dedicate or involve in the projects which helps that vision.

and one more thing i learned from the experience and witnessing many

There is only Buy or No buy, you only lose when you sell

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Nice insight! Hodling is the demand of time.

Thank you! Good to see you around :)

Yeah! was out on vacations.

Very Interesting post and lots to learn, actually!!! :)
Sometimes luck plays a pretty good role! Rest is destiny !!!
& To Err is so very Human!!!
Cheers! :)

Don't repeat the same mistake as me amit :P XD Hold you're steem or any other currency for long. After feb we might see the huge price increase

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