HodgeTwins (Massive Youtube Icon's) Are now on Steemit!

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The Twins are coming!

hodgetwins steemit nut.png

To bust some nuts! All Kindszz!

And there Verification on their facebook page!

There Steemit Profile

Be sure to follow them!

1. Introduction

And for those that don't know who the hodgetwins are? There massive Icons on the internet prominently on Youtube. For there comedy/advice video's on the askhodgetwins channel and multiple others channels like there origin channel TheHodgetwins and they both host over
1M+ Subscribers!

2. Channels

Here is list of all there channels!
TwinMuscle: http://www.youtube.com/twinmuscleworkout
Hodgetwins: http://youtube.com/hodgetwins
Askhodgetwins: http://youtube.com/askhodgetwins
Hodgetwins Vlogs: http://youtube.com/fastingtwins

Subscriber Counts
TwinMuscle 1.9M, TheHodgetwins 1.2M, Askhodgetwins 1.1M, Hodgetwins Vlogs 650K.

3. Thoughts

I'm thrilled to have @hodgetwins on Steemit, i have personally been a fan for about 3 years now. And wish them the best of luck and welcome them warmly and openly to have a great success here on steemit!

4. Bonus

Here is a video on there TwinMuscle channel talking about steemit and cryptocurrencies! Discussing steemit and them creating a account, from a 1 day ago.

TimeStamp for cryptocurrencies is 5:54 and for Steemit is 8:22

Let me know what you think! In the comments, thanks for reading!

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Are they having two separate accounts or one joint account ?


one joint account.

One less reason to check YouTube. These guys are always a good time even more so when your trying to get in shape.

Welcome to Steemit from Indonesia, this is an amazing platform for creativity and imagination. Share, comment and make friends

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This is the best thing I’ve read all day. Man am I glad that they'll be joining us!

Wow thats great that they will be joining, I am a fan of the twins.. I wish to welcome them!!!

Thank you @surprisebit for sharing the good news!



Np, Thank you for reading!


You are welcome..

Those guys are funny as hell @suprisebit
glad to see them join the steemit community!


Me too! Thanks so much for reading :D

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steemit is about to get "sum gains!!"

Big one.
Legit. Smooth

nice photography...I am a new person in steemit. com........ ....I really like that.....

This guys don't struggle to make me laugh at all.
I'm glad they'll be here

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Support the Steemit community by asking the Hodgetwins to reinvest into our communities. Lets help them to use their influence for the benefit of this place, not just theirs. RESPECT