This story is made up


How would you know?

He just showed you where to picture came from.

The crazy people don't deal well with truth. That's why they have to fabricate lies all the time. Meanwhile just Google "Emmett Till" for a real taste of truth.


Crazy people.

Lmao.....this shit is very funny.....

Although the picture is fabricated .. but a good story
Thanks for sharing‏

A little stupid is like a little forest fire. If you happen upon some stupid, please stomp it out before it spreads.

EYY! The dude with the lip-gage Denied a challenge for his tribe early in the movie. . . Big moves

we should not become racial

Being racial is beneficial to the powers that be.

Yeah, these guys are already huge on YouTube. And this is the same video they posted there 2 days ago. They are funny and have a good thing going, but they seem to represent more of the main stream media we all ran away from because of blatant censorship and organized media manipulation.

lol... competition will do anything to stop the rise. OH well... if people are scared off better seating for me I guess.

making allkinds of cryptogains allkindsssssssss

You spelt it wrong, it's "CRYPTOGAINZZZZZ" 🤑🤣

Crytogainzzzzzz, got it lol

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You two are funny man, Good role models for being who you are.

I recognize you guys from a youtube video I saw like 8 years ago lol. are yall the same twins from youtube? the moon. Steem can't see color.

Agree on this :)

That is all that matters here lol

There is always propaganda on "both sides", by white racists and black racists, who really want to start a race war. But fuck it. There will always be enough people to call them out and expose them. I see color, because i'm not blind, but i don't judge by color. ;)

Are there only two colors? What about yellow, red, and brown racists?

This is messed up I saw a reddit post where they showed a post of somebody from 2009 spitting blood in a sink and they tried to pass it off like an incident for this movie. There wasn't no hysteria like this over "Get Out", so why are people flying off the handle here?

Do you like nationalism?

Ya'll are pretty funny!

After I fell asleep in Thor: Ragnarok, I pretty much decided superhero films can wait for Netflix. Black Panther is getting a lot of positive press. But, while I thought Get Out was good, I didn't think is was as good as the Rotten Tomato score of 100%. So, my feelings about this film right off the bat, is that it is probably not as good as the ratings. The very fact that is does feature Africans and not much European looking people and it gets a top score from the SJW cesspool is a red flag for me.

The funniest thing about this film to me is the country Wakanda. I like that's it's hidden, but the irony of them not allowing emigration and being a breakaway civilization kills me! (In a good way). Have not heard a SJW decry the evil of Wakanda's anti-emigration and tech hoarding policies. Which basically makes Wakanda and it's rulers, (hereditary monarchy by the way), a bunch of dicks.

But it also makes you ask, where the hell was Wakanda when Rwanda had the insane genocide in the 90's? Bitches! Reach out and save some people! That's what we do in America...oh wait...Wakanda...made up....never mind. (But yeah, the Rwandan genocide was real and well...Wakanda is not).

Also cracks me up that Black Panther was created when, if a super hero was of African descent, then somehow the editor felt the word "Black" had to be worked in. DC has Black Lightning. And don't even get me started on Black Racer.

The point that is funny about this video is that your brand, HodgeTwins, is already huge on YouTube. Therefore, you represent the EXACT main stream media that Steemit was created for. We oppose main stream media opinions. And your brand seems to thrive off of them on YouTube. Which means, on Dtube and Steemit, the mainstream opinion or carrying over of main stream claims are invalid.

And, pretty much everyone on Steemit and Dtube have had it with YouTube, twitter, Google, and all the censorship and promotion of politically charged films.

So did white people actually get beat up at the Black Panther film? I couldn't find evidence. But I was using main stream sources. And there are some dipshit fuck heads out there who goose step pretty hard, so I can see how this would be made up.

Regardless, Hollywood is a tool of the same people who wanted Hillary in office. And well, seeing how it's obvious they are not going to get their New World Order now, Hollywood films will be even more politically charged as people wake up to the years of manipulation. And very specifically, the manipulation is left vs right, (and people woke up and voted in an independent, even though he calls himself a Republican), so now George Soros and his NWO minions are trying to create a race war.

So do I want to see another swirling mass of CGI garbage that is doing it's best to make some kind of political statement when in fact it is about a xenophobic dictator in a cool looking suit?

Hello, I'm Oatmeal Joey, and Black Panther was cool and if somebody is from Africa, they are black. You call them black. Why not? Is it racist to call a black person a black person? Likewise, is it racist to call a white person a white person? And are you more for nationalism or for open borders?

Its racism to call a man black and then treat him as an inferior. White people have superiority complexes to the moon and back. Ive seen them mistreat brown, chinese, black and red skinned natives and no one gives them this behaviour back.
Ive even seen people who point out caucasians for racism being called racist instead for calling a white man a white man. Needless to say the issues of the oppressed are not addressed. The KU KLUX KLAN is the only organisation in the world that bullies people based solely on the melanin in their skin. There is a problem here, you people just dont wanna see it

I hate racism. People deprive themselves of so many good things in life when they hate other people.

I think you should try very hard never to hate anyone, but ESPECIALLY you should never hate someone based on skin color, religion, political view, or sexual orientation.

I try to avoid political discussions on social media, because it usually never leads anywhere good, but I have noticed a lot more racism since Trump was elected.

However, that being said, I don't think the fact that he was elected President increased racism at all. I think it was always there, but it was just under the surface a little more. When Trump was elected it seemed like people became more brazen and decided that it was alright to express their racist views more openly.

I think the whole situation is sad, since it's 2018, and we should have learned to get along with each other a lot better by now.

I like to play Texas Hold 'em, and I play in a local sports pub league for fun. I ended up meeting two people who I now consider best friends there. One is Mexican, and one is black. We get together often to play cards. Last week we were playing at my house, and we were joking around that if all of us ended up getting arrested and going to prison, we would probably not even be able to look at each other, let alone hang out or be friends. We laughed at first. Then it seemed to hit us all at once just how sad that is.

We were silent for a moment. I don't think any of us knew what to say. Things need to change. I hope we can all figure out a way to come together as one race - the HUMAN race.

BTW, I love your videos guys. Great stuff!

But are you for open borders or for nationalism?

I am for anyone who wants a better life being able to come to America, as long as they go through the proper channels and do it legallly. America is a country founded by immigrants, built by immigrants.

It breaks my heart to see some people do this kind of things just because of the color. The Black Panther movie was a clear indication of the world movong forward. T'challa saving the white CIA agent even though he is not part of the tribe symbolizes how should we treat other people regardless of race or color.. Wakanda Forever!!

But the other black guys barked at that white CIA agent. Now, here are people who re barking at white girls in real life and are quoting the movie as inspiration for the barking.

Hahahaa I give you that one.. even that was a joke.. its still kinda racist..

Still I viewed the movie as a wake up call to everyone to leave the old bad habit (like racism) and move forward.. thanks

Do you like nationalism or open borders?

Its not about how you view politics.. this is about how we treat people around us. But to answer that, I don't now either if I'm a nationalist or not.. hahahaha

Wakanda is not America?


I know from the beginning this movie is going to cause a scene right from its name Panthers being a coincidence with Malcolm X struggle back then, a black but not racial and I won't attack anyone for coming to watch a movie with me on any ground cos I've watched Superman and all the mans in Marvel in the movie and no white has attacked me for it.
This also should be dealt with properly because it can escalate into other things especially in the predominant black community.

This is false information by OP. Google it and see. Mpat of these photos were from other incidents all over the world, not at openings of Black Panther. Do not believe this garbage promulgated by idiots.

Wow! Thanks so much for bringing this To my notice

No problem. All these infowarriors are turning steemit into something similar to Facebook. If this continues I'll jump ship and let it become another 4chan.

Agreed! I have to mute so many hatemongers and disinfo-warriors on here, because I just can't stand it. On top of that, it's still concerning that Steemit's availability and versatility are being abused.

seriously these people need to learn to simply just enjoy the movie.

Films for KKK members: White Panther, The color white, Twelve Slaves a Year

you guys are nuts! thanks for helping make dtube worth its weight!

this is fake news n for all u real white racist ... blacks cant b racist you fools falling for the gov trap lmao

Lol that's so freaking funny and truth is why would any Mature Black Person want to kick your ass just for wanting to watch such a great Marvel Comics movie like the Black Panther especially when the Comic book character itself was created by a white guy going by the name of Mr. Stan Lee Himself God Bless his soul 🤔😀😋

Yes, it's clear the attitude and acceptance of main stream media that made them huge on YouTube is not exactly the thing we are looking for here.

Well, most of the black people who went to see that trash were disappointed that that all the Whites weren't killed in the plot of the movie. Honestly, it serves Whites right for going to see that absolute nonsense. They have to learn at some point. It might as well be now.

"most of the black people who went to see that trash were disappointed that that all the Whites weren't killed in the plot of the movie"

Could you prove that? Are you sure that it was "most" of the black people? Generalization like this is wrong, if you can't prove it and I know you can't, because for sure there is no data on how many black people think this or think that after a movie.

Actually, a guy who does a pod cast did some polling at theaters, and those were the results he got , so there is a basis for my assertion.

Polling at theaters done by one or two guys is not a reliable data. Keep in mind that someone who did podcast may cherry pick the results, and what is more important, asking dozen or several dozen people in few theaters what they think doesn't mean that "most black people" think the same. Maybe I am wrong and it was big, reliable poll, but it's hard to believe that some podcaster did reliable poll, with unbiased questions and proper group of responders.

Usually polling done by people who record things for youtube/podcast etc could not be considered as reliable data, only something humorous.

If this is a basis for assertion that "most black people do/think X" then I believe that you could find a basis for any assertion like "most X people do/think Y". I think it's bad to generalize things like that based on some podcaster polling.

Whatever. If you live in poland, you have no idea what you are talking about in the first place.

You just caused yourself a problem here.

Alright all you guys take this shit to Facebook. No place for this on steem. If you disagree with sombody fine. But flagging people for a disagreement is nonsense. Flagging people for attacking with vulgar stuff is a maybe. But going to people pages to flag there post that has nothing to do with this convo is not what steem is about . So please stop this and have a decent convo. If you can’t just step away and breath and look at cute cat pics. @catfacts where you at?

A tomcat (male cat) can begin mating when he is between 7 and 10 months old.

There are approximately 100 breeds of cat.

You are a worthless piece of shit. You are ignorant and do not know how to spell. Someone like you could never win an argument. You are too stupid and/or uneducated. Educate yourself, loser.

Ha, I'll bet you've kissed your mother with that dirty cock sucker of yours. BTW, How many times did you you take it in the ass when you went to prison? I'll bet you wouldn't talk your dumb shit to me in person. Even though I'm a lady, I'd still smack the shit out of your pathetic drug addicted ass.

Ignorance in full display. You are not a woman. You are a bitch, and that works for both genders. You are obviously a man.
You make threats you know you will not deliver like every stupid coward.

No reason to offend people, even if you believe they are wrong. This way you will not convince anyone and this discussion will not result in anything healthy.

That person is beyond a cure. People like that need to be put in their place. Bullies cannot win if no one does anything. Although I do believe that he is an idiot, pretending to be a woman to get his rocks off, and a simple online troll, so I will discontinue our conversation because I've said my piece.

One minute of silence for YouTube

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more like world is to brain washed

there is some unpleasant information that is not acceptable to me........

Thumbnail shows a guy that claims to have been racially assaulted and yet was able to type, selfie, and post what happened to himself online. Whilst also claiming that he cannot see

Black Panther was dope af

I heard it was great!

no place for racist in this whole world.

It's not true. Don't believe everything you see on the internet.

Hey guys,

your steem-power level is at 20%. Stop up-voting without regenrate it first ;). Keep up the great work. I subscribed to you on youtube and here. Enjoying your content immensely.

attacking one another is not the solution but living in oneness

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Good video...... Just add that to all the other fake shit goin around these days trying to get people riled up.....

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This has been shown to be fake.

now they know that wasnt the cool thing to do...should of waited for the dvd.. like black people went to american history x,,,,,,STUPID
kkk the movie ill be first in line with all my white friends NOT, they would probably lynch me before the movie was over all caught up the moment and shit........aint nobody got time for that..

white skin full of blood, hmm

I want to know about this movie

I wonder who financed the movies in the first place?

Holy shit the hodgetwins are on DTube & Steemit!

Let us not forget the non-racial pink panther. Unless I missed a whole race of pink people

atleast its fake. I thought it was some real tings goin on 😂 " the guy with holes in his ear".... "but ya it was a good movie" hahah awesome comedy.

The kind of suspension of disbelief a movie such as this requires shouldn't even be possible.

Haters gonna hate.

Trollers gonna troll.

Be careful believing this stuff though. I know that a lot of hoaxes have caught on in the past about white Trump supporters being attacked. A lot of this stuff turns out to be made up for attention, either by the person actually in the picture, or by somebody who just lifted the picture from somewhere else and put it online with a made up story.

You two are the new minds that are kicking it out of the park..this is creative posting x1000
Are you and white...these brothers are headed for the Red Carpet...with Steemit and dtube tees under their silver tuxes..
you ain't no coons.... you got the irony down like a philosophy of Life.

Waaaahhh! That was great. I’m going to watch the film but will have to keep my head down so I don’t get beat up 😜

So Clickbait made it to steemit.. That didnt take long at all.. hahahaha

How terrible the accident. Feels sad
But it just the way maybe.
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white ppl whiting again smh. thats all kinds of bullshit...all kinds!

both of the side r worst dude not only white

A scary movie

youtube can suck these nuts

So glad to see you guys join dtube and steemit.

After watching you on youtube for many years seeing you come here is just awesome.

i want to join Dtube , can you please help me?

Not sure this is true

It's not, dw.

white skin full of blood.. hmm

inge varungala thana eku leta

Shesh! How come Asians never make the news LOL

They will get the news through the air
ha ha this is so funny

We can’t even make it to Hollywood 😂

yes we cant
How about your opinion?

asains make the news where i live at but mostly its gang related

wow..This is real?

Okay, so a white guy says nigger and gets attacked by everyone and anyone, but you guys have license to use all the racist terms because...reasons?

This is real? This makes me so sad. This kind of behavious needs to be nipped. Education needs to be put to a higher standard.

Thanks, was just about to post the same thing.

assaulting each other isn't the arrangement yet living in unity and peace. none of color issue in this world we are all humans. we should love and respect each others.

What is this now? It's a shame indeed.

I didn't know what to expect when I clicked on the Dtube link - but you two are a hoot.

wow very good friends @hodgetwins

racial is not a good thing ... we should avoid it

That black panther action was nice but what are coons? dont think you meant racoon? or did you?

Thats just stupid! Isnt Danai (michone) in it? I love her...hope she is continuing her bad ass persona...anyways the color of peoples skin is irrelevant...good acting, good script..thats whats important. You guys would do

DNA and statistics and and culture and nature and nurture and history can be considered.

WHY... people do that... !!!

But, why did they attack? the reason??

Hilarious video..... It's hilarious how society gets all worked up over some liar azz cracker blonde, one person does something stupid and here we go white this, black this.... Shoes how pathetic humans are in three examples.

i am not a fun of all this segregation thing, i love every race equally but it seems the other sides of the race don't want to care which at some point makes me re consider my position on racism.

2 white dudes and they are both Hobbits....well 3 if you count Stan lee.oh I think i seen a Latino too.

good, please vote my post i need @muhaimin support

Is God a Racist because He created many races?

This is fake, the picture is of a girl who was beaten by a man in a club because she rejected his advances, not black people.

Bad things are happening in Europe.

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Case of illuminati killers trying to racist between black and white

Verry good

Right, but this was all fake. It was done to deter people from seeing the movie. How did that work out? $400 million worldwide.

i got beat up by black people too #metoo

I like the right Sait
and it's the real side
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Thats so racist

It turns out fake pictures were used by some users on twitter reporting assault on them at the theater which is not true. I wonder what they stand to gain by planting discord in the society.