Montreal Canadiens next move: Alex Galchenyuk

in #hockey4 years ago

Poor defensively, poor in the faceoffs, poor outside the ice and just average offensively.  Galchenyuk must be the next to go in Montreal. With Drouin, Pacioretty and if Radulov comes back, Montreal must take the chance and trade him for a good left defenseman.  This 3rd overall pick in 2012 is nothing but a deception. Some say he has tremendous play making ability. I don't agree. I does have a couple of good moves with the puck, but he does not have the vision nor the strength to become a dominant player.  Offensively, he will be a Plekanec at best, without the defensive skills.  Just get rid of him!


Go PENS three-peat @penguins66 ! WAHOOO !!

I disagree. He's still young and can score 60-70 points.

Keep him!

Hope you're right Guillaume !

His trade value is not all that high at the moment. Also, he does have more offensive ability than some of the free agents available at his salary level. Moving Nate before the entry draft was supposed to help with his off ice distractions. I will take a wait and see attitude with Chucky but I'm sure he is on a short leash with Coach J.

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