Electronics is My Hobby - Smart Mirror

in hobbyhub •  8 months ago

Truth to be told, making all kind of things is my hobby. But my real passion was always tinkering with electronics. You can say I grow up with a solder iron in one hand and a transistor in the other. Unfortunately, since I left for college and up until recently I had little chance to pursue my passion. Rented apartment is not exactly a suitable place for this kind of work, unless you are comfortable living in a workshop.

Now, that I have loft space available all to myself, I decided to revive my old passion and started making little projects again. My latest achievement - Smart Mirror - did not exactly require solder iron, but it was real fun making it and should look very nice in my hallway:


I know, it looks like a picture frame with a model posing in it, but its definitely a mirror with my reflection. OK, joking aside, the mirror has 7" android tablet at the back which shows time and regularly updates weather forecast for my area.

There are quite a few Smart Mirror projects out there and several apps on android market for this purpose. however, none of them worked on my tablet due to the age of it (Android 2.3 Gingerbread). So I had to write it my self. This made it really easy to add steemit logo on the screen.

I'm planning to write full instructions of how I built it, but for now, here are some photos of the assembly process:


Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it.

Please follow as I'm planning to post my other hobby projects and DIY work here in the future.

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Well done @cleverclogs on your first post! I really like the smart mirror!

Wow, this is more than just dabbling with electronics, this requires real skill and talent. Impressed! Thanks for entering the Hobby Hub challenge, good luck!


And some hoarding skill otherwise too expensive :)


And that is where the loft space comes in handy ;)


Thank you, I'm pleased you like it.

Cool project, nowadays the tables are so cheap that it is advantageous to do this project with them.
An opt-in option would be to use a Raspberry Pi for example, create an operating system and create an application to show what we want but your solution is quite practical.


Thanks for nice comment. Indeed, there are some people using LCD monitors with raspberry pi and it looks very cool. But the tablet was something I had lying around, with a broken glass. As you say it is a practical solution, I don't want any fancy interactive mirror that can fail or require training to use.


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