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Hi steemian friend ... Today I want to tell you about my hobby. Countless how many times I have filled out the biodata for a need. Whether it's to enroll in a new study, register an organization, schoolwork or college, and so on. Still in memory, I started filling my own biodata while I was in elementary school. There is one line to fill in the hobby. What is my hobby?

When I first filled it I was confused. What should I fill, huh? Finally I write the word "read". The word is still always I write until now to fill the hobby column. It was unthinkable whether my hobby actually read. It's just that time I write "read" as a hobby because it looks really cool. Many writings say that reading many benefits, and people who hobinya reading tend to be positively connoted as a diligent and clever.

While sitting in high school, I began to get tired of writing the word "read" in the hobby column. Because I never like to read. Friends are starting to ask this about my hibia, for example what books you've read, what books you like most, you like bac novel gak, and so forth. Unlucky to meet a friend whose hobbies are actually reading, with nerocos he describes his various theories of the results of reading while I stare to listen without understanding it. I finally tormented myself.

I want to change my hobby (meaning "read" in the hobby column) but kok saying so. Besides, I'm confused about what to write again? I decided to keep writing the word "read" but after that I started to force myself to read. Initially the books that exist diperpustakaan I lah lah. Yaaa ... .. originally cumin comic, school library coincidence there is a collection of comics titled "Kung fu Boy" complete from the first series to finish. Interesting, that's my first impression.

Next I started reading picture books, just call encyclopedias and such. My interest in books is growing. I began to be interested not only to read the books in the library. My mind began to lead to buy books of my own as you wish. I started saving little by little to buy books. At first I liked reading psychology books and self-management. Very interesting because in addition to sometimes in accordance with my circumstances also we can know the human character.

Bored with the book of psychology my passion is spreading to the novel. Ranging from religious novels, history, biography, adventure, until the romance I gusto. It is also fun to read a fiction book because it sometimes contains values ​​that are not in a non-fiction book. Until now I still like to read novels, not bored too. Indeed, novel books are more dynamic than other books.

I am grateful, I used to fill in the hobby column with the word "read", so I really have a hobby that is very useful reading. Just imagine when I wrote "fishing", what would I be now? At least now I do not hesitate anymore to write the word "read" when filling biodata hobby column, because indeed I like to read. I'm not inferior anymore when meeting with friends who have the same hobby, I'm just happy. Because sometimes I exchange books with him, saving also hell because we do not have to buy themselves.




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And such a great hobby to have " Reading " ! I actually read a lot here on steemit especially , and I can now say its an actual hobby ! Thanks for sharing in the #hobbyhub contest with us !! Good luck !👍📚👍📚👍📚


Amen.... thank @karenmckersie

Thank you for entering the HobbyHub Challenge! I love to read too! I am glad you kept writing "reading" as your hobby, and that it eventually became your favorite one! Upped and resteemed, good luck!