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When I was a kid, painting was the ultimate way to relieve stress -not that I had any serious problems back then to be honest except of the "studying" nightmare. While growing older though I noticed that I started running out of ideas. I couldn't express myself by drawing or painting anymore and writing became my thing. My feelings can be better described by words instead of shapes now... That's how I relax...

Two years ago I found out that colouring books have surged in popularity. They claim that colouring is relaxing and may reduce stress, anxiety, even depression. Of course I wanted to explore the mental health benefits of the colouring book trend myself so I bought what I needed.

There is a vast selection in books available that includes abstract images, mandalas, and our beloved characters ranging from Marvel to Disney. The "India colouring book" was what I chose.


I started colouring the pages with coloured pencils and the whole thing was anything but relaxing. I didn't like the intensity of the colours, I didn't like the feeling, I was only obsessed with finishing the damn thing. It felt more like an obligation. Like I had to colour the buddha or else I will be executed. So I gave up and decided that colouring was not that fun for me.


Last week though out of the blue I remembered my colouring book and a bright idea crossed my mind; to use coloured markers instead of pencils. So I went to buy some and gave it another try...

I put some music on while colouring and this time it was a very pleasant experience! I truly enjoyed it. Especially from 7 to 9 o clock in the afternoon when I tend to feel more gloomy -no idea what is going wrong during these hours- it seems to have helped a lot!

Here you can see some of my "masterpieces"...









I truly love my new hobby and I'm so happy for giving colouring a second chance...

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Εγώ να σου πω την αλήθεια όταν ήμουνα μικρός τη βαριόμουνα τη ζωγραφική....

Αλήθεια?? Και συνήθως αρέσει στα περισσότερα παιδιά.. Το ότι θα χρωμάτιζα τώρα στα γεράματα πάντως, δεν το περίμενα.. :P

de kserw na soy pw thn alithia... de thimame!!! alla kai twra to variemai!!!