Can I really live in a Hobbit Home? The advantages and disadvantages of living in a hobbit house.

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Anyone who has seen The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit movies knows what a hobbit house essentially looks like. On the outside they look cozy and beautifully covered with grass and flowers. On the inside they are elegant, spacious, and comfortable looking. So can these homes really become a reality?

I have researched Hobbit Homes quite a bit and I found that, not only are they the perfect house for any Lord of the Ring's lover, but they also are extremely safe and will last a very long time. To live in a home as this would be truly amazing!
Since i have been researching these homes i have found that there are very few disadvantages involved in owning a Hobbit Home. In fact, i have only found one.
Disadvantages- It can be a heck of a time getting a mortgage on a house like this.

Advantages- Lower home insurance
-Extremely safe, resistant against natural disasters (strong wind, hurricane, tornado, earthquake)
-Can be built in the dessert, snow, and grassy areas
-Resistant to pest, infestations, mold, moisture
-Easy and quick assembly
-Can be an easy way to camouflage your house

These Hobbit Homes are built with a composite material in the shape that is almost dome-like, with sections left out for the doors and windows.They also have special ducts installed in the solid outer composite material to prevent mold and moisture inside the home. It takes about three days to assemble one of these homes.

Once it is assembled in place, then the soil is added around and on the structure. The inside walls are able to be painted as they are and everything can be moved in right away.
Can you imagine how well insulated this home would be? The dirt around and on the home itself would be amazing at holding in heat in the winter. Natural insulation! The cost of heating this house in the winter would be very low, and in the summertime the soil on the house keeps the house cooler.

While looking around learning more about these homes i also discovered that the material and idea of these homes can be used to make other structures as well such as car shelters or gazebos. Formed and assembled generally the same way, these would make fore very stable structures.

When purchasing a house after a few years you might decide you need more rooms, bathrooms, storage space, etc. Well these Hobbit Homes have a solution for that too! These homes are designed to be connectable so you can add a room whenever you feel like it.

They are also really great for anyone who has a small backyard. These sturdy homes are capable of having your patio, playground, or storage sheds on your roof.

Costs- The average cost to build one of these homes depends on your design but they go for about $1.00/sq ft. Looking at it long term this home is very cost effective. Saving you money on heating and cooling, maintenance and home repair cost is practically nothing, home insurance is lower because of how safe this home is, and its made to last. This housing idea really couldn't get any better!
To locate a distributor you can go to and for more info on these particular homes.

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I'd love to have one of these. More earthy and real than a box in the city. Great article, enjoyed it.

Just a quick note - don't forget to site the source of your images, or state if they're yours. It helps people upvote you with confidence. :)

Thank you for the tip, i suppose i should have thought of that. Will remember for upcoming posts!

No problem. I don't think you can be expected to know everything about posting, which is why I thought to give you the tip. Things I've learnt since being here. Enjoyed your post, and appreciate the link you provided - just checking it out now.

quaint little homes of the awesome hobbits. :)

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