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    Hey guys it’s Josh and today we're talking about electric skateboards, again. While it was one of my most popular and most watched posts, a lot of people told me in the comments that there were some really great boards missing. I actually did a lot more research on the topic and compiled this overview, or list, on a lot of the electric skateboards that are out there. 

An electric skateboard is typically a modified skateboard propelled by an electric motor, the power of which is usually controlled with an RF remote. As with a regular skateboard, it is steered by the rider shifting his or her weight.

     It's still not complete by any means, but I feel that I've covered most of them in this list. Now I'm going to do a little overview going over the features and the stats of all of these boards and I'm also going to go a little more in depth about some specific boards that cater to a specific niche. Keep watching and I hope you love this post. 

     Before we start the comparison, I'm actually planning to make a little series about electric skateboards since it's something that I find really interesting. In that series, I'd really I'd compare certain specific skateboards with each other to see which one is the best and also to help you make the best decision on which skateboard you should buy, if you're interested in getting one. Also, I talk about some categories like the best mobile board, the highest or the fastest board, the best quality board, as well as the lowest priced board which is attainable for a lot people. 

     If that's something you want to see, smash that like button and let me know that that's really something you need to see. Now, let's get on to the actual overview. In this overview, I'm talking about a lot of different boards. I'm talking about the well known brands like the Boosted Boards or the unique New York Cruiser which has been on the market for quite a while. I'm also talking about the really high quality and fast boards like the Inboard M1 or the cheaper Magneto board, which is at the lowest price that I could find any electric skateboard at. 

     Now let's get on to the overview. First of all, here's the unique Ego Cruiser. This one is readily available and also has an amazing range. The Boosted Board Single is the cheapest Boosted Board, but due to their great brand and their great quality, Boosted Board is something to really look up. The Story Board is the crowd funded board that has yet to actually come out and ship, but they look really great in terms of the design. Also, the motor that is actually in the wheel. 

     Next, is the Bolt Motion, which is from what I know, the smallest electric skateboard. It's really light and it's really small, so it's portable and you can take it wherever you want. The Melon's great in terms of its concept since it's only the motor and the trucks and the battery pack. You can mount it under any long board that you already have, which is great for people that already have a long board or are pros and want their specific board that they can ride. 

     The Marbel Board is really good because of it's high speed and it's an impressive feed that it's that fast and has that long range. The Evolve Bamboo is kind of a weird one, since from its design, it really wasn't made to be an actual electric skateboard but it really looks like a normal long board that was converted into an electric long board. If that's something you like, then it still has really great features, so check that one out. The Boosted Board Dual Plus is the premium version of the Boosted Board which has higher speed and more torque. If you're a speed junky, check this board out. 


     The Magneto Board is actually a really cheap skateboard or electric long board. It's the cheapest one I could find and it still has some really good top speed and range. 

The Inboard M1 is really the premium board since it seems to check most of the boxes, but also has a really premium price. Now I'm going to talk about some separate categories a little more, which might really cater to what you want. First of all, there's the premium category and the most promising as I said before, is the Inboard M1. With the top speed of 40 kmh or 25 mph, it is really fast. It has a good range with around 10 mi or 15 km, and overall has one of the best looking designs that I've seen. It is also water or splash proof and just overall has a premium look and feel to it. That's something to really watch out for. 

     The second one that I really like is the Melonboard. This one also comes at a premium price but has the same high speed with 40 km or 25 mph. The range is also good on this and I'm really intrigued by this only motor design. This is probably for long board professionals as they can use this with any deck they already have. They can switch decks and you also have all the flex of the long board retained, which many long boards are really well known for, which gives them a great riding feeling. The other great thing with the Melonboard is the 2 year warranty from Germany, since that is how warranty is just made in Germany. Since I'm German myself, I've actually talked to the team and really, German engineering, we all know it's the greatest and besides that, their team is really nice and responsive. I'm sure they all make a great product. The last high quality or premium board I'm taking about is the Marbel Board. This, as well, has really great high speed with 40 km or 25 mph as well and also really good range. It will take you super far without having to recharge or anything. 

     The next category I want to talk about, is the most portable category. This has only one contestant and so the Bolt Motion is the winner. With only 4 kg, this is the smallest board or the lightest board that I've seen here. It's only 60 cm, which is 2 ft long. This makes for some really compact measurements and lets you take this board anywhere. If you just have to ride your board to the subway or wherever, you can do that and then just strap to your backpack or hold it in your hands without any problems. Also, while the Bolt Motion is so small, it still has a good top speed and range. 

     The last category I want to talk about, is the budget category. The first board I talk about here is the unique Ego Cruiser. It has a great range with 30 km or 20 mi. It is readily available and so it has been tested. You can check out the Amazon reviews which are actually pretty good. It's only $699. While it has a slow top speed and slow at charging, I think it's still worth looking into since it's the only board that you can easily order from Amazon with Prime shipping. It's the one you will get the fastest if you can't wait anymore. 

     Also, there's the Magneto board. The Magneto board has a good top speed and a good range. Also, at 500 euros, without taxes though, this is an amazing price. It is available now or soon, because I think they're out of stock right now, but it's definitely a board to check out. My personal favorite right now, are Boosted Boards. As you may have known or not, Boosted Boards recently announced their second generation boards. These have a lot of improvements and the best thing here, is the range improvements that you can get. 

     There are 2 versions now, the standard and the extended version. The extended version costs $100 more, but also gives you double the range that you would get with the standard version. Other improvements that the new Boosted Board have is that they are now splash proof, so you can ride them in light rain and also through a puddle here and there. The other thing that is really good is that they feature a USB Auxiliary port in the back and in the front. In these, you can plug in your iPhone to just charge it or you can plug in a little USB light to have a head light so people can see you in the dark better. 

     The new generation of Boosted Boards is going to launch at the end of July. First, we're going to see the Boosted Board Dual Plus in the standard range ship. Then all other models are slowly coming after that. With the extended range models, this might be till the end of summer or early fall. Nothing really official has been announced for this as of yet. A great thing is also that the Boosted Boards now ship internationally. While you still have to pay the customs and also the international delivery is going to be really expensive, it's great that you can now get it in any country or in a lot of countries. 

     Boosted Boards are still figuring out the details on the shipping, so we'll see how much that costs. Right now, I think that the new generation Boosted Boards are actually the best ones since they've already shown through their reputation that they're making great boards and they really check all the boxes as of right now. If you want to preorder a board, you can go on the description down below, where I'm giving you my referral link as I have already preordered one myself. 

     Use that, and let me know what you think about the Boosted Boards. I hope you like this little overview and comparison post. If you own a board or have experience with any of these boards, please let me know in the comments down below. I'd be really excited to see what you have to say about any of these boards, as it's still a really new topic and there's not a lot of actual people that have experience with any of these boards. If there's any board you want to see a post on specifically, let me know. As I said, I'm going to do a series on the whole electric skateboards topic and I'm really open to your suggestions, what you want to see. 

     If the overall comparison that you saw in the post before, you want to see that in text, I have a link to that which goes to my website, where you can check that out and take a little more time with this whole overview. Also, if you want to buy any of these boards, just go on the description down below where I've linked all of them and you can just purchase them easily, if they're available in your country. For now, that's it from me and I hope you like this electric skateboard comparison and overview  I'll see you in the next one!    

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