Mini Lathe Amateur Episode 6

in #hobbies3 months ago

Hello, steemies!

Welcome to another episode of Mini Lathe Amateur!

In this episode of mini lathe amateur, I talk about the quick change tool post and the cutting tool holders that I bought for my 7 X 10 mini lathe.

The cutting tool holder that comes with the lathe is OK, but it's not adjustable for centering the cutting bit on the work piece for proper cutting. It also requires that you dismount the cutting bit every time you want to change to another type of bit. The quick change tool post solves both of those problems. There are several different types of tool holders that can be used with the quick change tool post. Each tool holder can be adjusted for best height for the cutting bit, and that adjustment can be locked in place so that you don't have to reset it every time you us it for the bit, as long as you leave that bit in the holder. If you buy several bit holders, you can mount a different bit in each tool holder, and then change the holders on the tool post as you need them.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my mini lathe video!

I hope you found it interesting!

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