“Who you gonna call?” — HKEOS joins WORBLI

in hkeos •  4 months ago


The four-man founding team of HKEOS are basically the Egon, Peter, Ray and Winston (Ghostbusters) of Blockchain. The Hong Kong-based block producer and DApps incubator has been both a trailblazer and serial collaborator in the EOS community. Which is why we are pleased to announce they will be a block producer on the WORBLI network”

HKEOS developed, among other things, Ghostbusters — a project which started as an EOS testnet focused on researching and rehearsing the best practices for running the eosio software in a secure way as possible. Started alongside EOS Rio, the project has since received contributions from Sweden, eosDAC, EOS Tribe, EOS 42, Sheos and many more BPCs

HKEOS has incredible connections to industry leaders and to the EOS community. They can offer strategy and technical advisory on top of their amazing block producing capabilities. HKEOS are also experts at incubating new projects with potential and guiding promising developers to create amazing decentralised applications.

The team will be a vital to the WORBLI network as we look to expand and bring high-quality applications onto our network. With our new partnership with HKEOS we hope to bring all the benefits of the WORBLI network to Hong Kong, Asia and beyond.

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