is now LIVE! information about all Hive projects in one place!

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I am very happy to announce that I've finished the first part of the migration of SteemProjects to HiveProjects. Website is now available at:


Fresh DB

I've decided to not copy the old database and start with a fresh instance. The main reason behind this decision was... that I wanted to focus on showing those projects, which are now HIVE-ready.

Probably in the future both databases will be joined, for example, to show the heritage of our great developers:


what next with

I am 100% supporter of HIVE, however... as long as there will be some Steemians left on Steem... I think they may need for example a list of wallets, which they can use, to sell their STEEM, to buy more HIVEs 😄 So, for now, SteemProjects will be still available. Also...because this is a good way to inform people that hardfork happen:


More prominent information about Hive will be added to the top of the website as well. - what's new?

New comparison grids

With HiveProjects a plan is to focus more for example on comparison grids, like this one:

Projects can be added to multiple comparison grids:


and the plan is to heavily utilize this feature.

HiveProjects community

In this community, I will publish frequent updates, not only about development but also about new projects or comparison grids.

In the future I would also like to integrate HiveProjects more with Hive blockchain, so people can, for example, ask questions about a particular project or leave a review, through HiveProjects.

Big thank you

At the end I would like to say big thank you to people responsible for creation of, for direct link to


This is big responsibility, and I will do my best, to make sure that will serve this community well!

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