Best Part - Daniel Caesar (cover) Come back post!!!

in #hiveph3 years ago



Yo yo yo yo! It's good to be back after months of being inactive. Well, been quite busy in the outside world dealing with some stuff. Especially nowadays, this freakin' virus is hitting us all so almost all of us are just sitting there at home watching television or laying in bed. But it's actually much better than going outside and exposing yourself to covid right?

Anyway, I don't wanna make my come back post longer than the lockdown lol so sit back and relax y'all be good and productive(at some point :D) while listening to my cover this is for all of you!

A song cover for now. Stay tuned coz im gonna be sharing art posts soon! Keep safe and wash your hands!

Also, you might wanna check my youtube channel at Awesome Ken, I'd appreciate it :)

See you in a bit!


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