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in hivemind •  2 months ago

I've been exploring the possibilities easily enabled by the tool I talked about here I saw at lot of conversation about why an off chain messaging solution was being used to talk about important Steem issues which got me thinking about whether it was possible to create something onchain.

This little test (ignore the weird glitches, I'm looking into that) uses steem keychain for authentication and hivemind as a backend for fetching the messages. To enable this I've set hivemind to trail by the minimum number of blocks and everything has been smooth so far. This means that within 3 seconds of someone sending a message, it shows up in the chat window which is live enough in my opinion. I'm interested to see if people think this is another frontend option they might use. I imagine categories being like channels on other messaging platforms.

Let me know what you think, I might create a dpoll

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