Native Ads Weekly Dev Update #7

in #hivemind4 years ago

All is set for a beta release this coming week!! Native Ads has been an interesting challenge, personally, and I'm excited to finally get a stable beta out.

I spent the last few days testing various aspects and scenarios, and I fixed a few critical bugs in the process. Here's an overview of what I completed this week:

  • finished coding the indexing logic
  • implemented basic api endpoints
  • testing all ad operations and logic
  • bug fixes and optimizations

You can see all the commits I made this week in the native-ads-alpha-dev branch:

This coming week's scope

  • Announce a beta release
  • Coordinate with willing partners to run the Hivemind nodes

See my current branches on GitHub:


Really looking forward to seeing this developed. I think it could be huge when integrated with communities.

Me too! Most of the foundational work is done, so we could see front-end implementations soon :)

Can't wait. Keep up the good work on it.

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