Hivemind SQL users (2nd batch)

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I've distributed 10+ SQL accounts for a Hivemind instance a couple of weeks ago.

It's a PostgreSQL read only user account where you can query a Hive database directly. A couple of users thought it's the same with a MsSQL database but it's not.

Even though they are SQL implementations, PostgreSQL is different than MsSQL. If you're using an external tool to connect databases you need to use it's PostgreSQL adapter/plugin.

You can checkout @crokkon's post, and @contrabourdon's post for simple use cases. If you’re interested, shoot in the comments, and I will send you the credentials with a private memo.


  • I’ll distribute 10 users for this party. First come, first serve. I might expand the user count in the future.

  • You need at least 1k SP in your account.

  • I’ve right to reject to give you credentials if your account have been into any suspicious activity.

  • There is no rate limit or something like that, so credentials may be disabled without prior notice if server health goes into an unhealthy state.

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Congratulations @emrebeyler! Sorry I missed this post of yours.

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Hello I wanna use hivemind!
I am runnning a blog that get posts from steem blockchain.

If I can get my post using hivemind, I think it is really cool.

Thank you for your hard work.

Of course, I will process the requests in a couple of days.

sent, sorry for the delay!

Oh thank you. I checked it.

Enjoy, let me know if you see any problems.

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May I also get it?


Thank you and congrats on being a top 20 witness! You deserve it.

Sure, I'll process the requests in batch. Still waiting for more people.

Wow..!! awesome service.
I want to use hivemind too!! Can I use this?

Sure, I'll send you credentials in a secret memo.

Sent. 👍

really thanks..!!
I'm proud of your service.