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RE: Hivemind is Live!

in #hivemind2 years ago

Yes I am also very pleased and want to see communities man, i just want subreddits , just something simple like chainbb, when it finally happens and we have an instant reliable faucet for creating new accounts then steem can finally just start growing organically on its own JUST from all the reddit users who will Migrate over just for the censorship resistance AND the payouts! In fact I think the censorship question will be enough to bring Millions of users over since that is what happened when Digg users first migrated to Reddit and then reddit users migrated to Voat and etc

We are some of the first wave of reddit to steem immigrants and we are like the paratroopers who were dropped in over enemy lines into Normandy to capture strategic bridges etc and soon we will have a Normandy type invasion from the Bitcoin and crypto subreddits first into steem and then all sorts of other subreddits like r/trees r/TheDonald and all sorts of political subreddits, photography subreddits looking to get some money, meme crafters who post normall on reddit and 4chan for nopthing will find Dmania and take it over and also build their own versions to monetize memetics

its going to be a bright future for steem, we have riden out the bear market and its actually made us much stronger


my god I hope we don't get attack by the redit crowd....
they are nasty at times....