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What a turbulent time we are living in. It’s not bad enough we’re all facing the relentlessness of a virus sweeping the globe, we struggle to find peace here in our blockchain world.

Since I found Steem in August 2016, the platform has been a place to learn and grow. To make connections and build community in sort of an oasis of its own sort of world.

Then Ned made the fateful decision to sell Steemit Inc, and the Steemit stake to Justin Sun of Tron. Valentines Day will take on a new meaning for most of us. What a roller coaster we’ve been taken on since then.

Initially there was a lot of confusion, then there was some optimism. Tron’s initial announcements were that the Steem d’apps would be migrated to the Tron chain and there would be a token swap. Both announcements were red flags for the rest of the platform. Steemit is not Steem and Justin had not bought Steem.

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Community matters, no matter who tries to attack it. No matter how much it splits. by shadowspub


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