Heart Shaped Cannabis

in #hiveio2 months ago

Hey everyone, currently I have 4 Cannabis Bonsai plants.. The two I am leaving to do what nature does the other two shaping in the form of hearts cool idea right?


For now the one that I have not shaped and just left to do what nature does is looking really well albeit not shaped as I wish, I let nature shape this one, it is gorgeous however!


The other two plants are tall and spindly as they get less sun. I docked them a month ago as to get them to split in two as they have. The idea is to then shape them both like hearts which as you can see is coming along well in the last pic.


I plan to get wire further shape them. Feed with bonsai mix bi-weekly and give more sun giving a nice lush healthy heart shaped plan. Interesting that will be!


Nature the incredible!

I trust you have an amazing weekend!

Love and light, be blessed.

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