What Does Hive Mean To Me ? - FREEDOM !

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Hive Means Freedom !


For me Hive means Freedom. The freedom to be whoever you are without anybody out there judging you. Everyone here in this huge community is free to be himself, is free to show their unique skills and free to talk and discuss about any possible topic and interests in their mind. And more important, no one here is owned by anyone and no one is censored by anyone. We all do not have to fear to be judged for being ourself, or have to be careful what we say or which opinions we spread, no matter how weird and crazy we may appear sometimes. Hive feels a bit like a gigantic family to me, which has all its properties, together with the sharing love, as well as its flaws. We can get mad at each other, we can get pissed about what we say or do, but in the end we still love each other and stand together whenever it is necessary to do so or whenever someone needs our help. This family includes people which are educating and pushing, such as mothers and fathers, and people that you are joking around everyday about the biggest nonsense, such as brothers and friends. There are even people like distant relatives which you talk to for a week intense and then pause until one day, a few months later, you start to chat around again as if nothing happened. And I have to say this again, we are owned by nobody and are totally free to express us in the way we want to. This is the freedom that hives means to me and this is what I so dearly love about it. I only are owned by myself, but my dedication to the community is owned by your all !

We Hiveans Should Evolve Like The Ocean !


I would like to see Hive evolving in a a place that is run by all of its members simultaneously, a place that is evolved by all of us together, where every one can create own new projects and form communities based on the combined or scattered interests of its members. Hive should be run by all of us and for all of us. We should all improve ourself by critical judgement between all our connections to each other and grow by these experiences to make it a better and even more valuable place for all of us. This whole Hive community is like an oceans for me, stuffed with all us individual water molecules floating around everywhere. This oceans can get super quiet, so that they appear to move not at all, but also extremely stormy, so that they can tear down even the largest oil tankers with a single combined wave. Water is free to flow into rivers and produce the most amazing and adventurous waterfalls that are a real spectacular for every observer, or can flow into beautiful lakes and produce the most relaxing and mind recovering scenery. And everyone of us is a part of it, no matter the direction we flows personally or where we decide to sticks around. We are creating everythin together. Those oceans are the fundamental basis that brought life on this earth, that created this whole amazing world we are living in. Those oceans are an immensely powerful nature force that can not be controlled, remains unpredictable, wild and free. I want to see Hive to be the basis where we all together, every single water molecule, can be a part of this earth wide ocean and experience the wonders that are created from all of us for the community. This is what will makes Hive into a magical place for me.

A funded DAO for future HIVE development? Yes, I want it!


I actually support any initiative that aims to develop this place further to make it a greater place for all its inhabitants. There are so many amazing project out there already and still many more ideas about possible projects from which we all will benefit. If we have the chance to get those realized, than in my opinion, we should do this. There are already many projects that do not need to use large funds, such as communities, curation services, promotion initiatives and others that are doing amazing jobs in bringing people together and strengthen the community. But of course there are also projects, especially when it come to actual developing and programming, that require real funds. I myself added quite some funds into Hive and will continue to do so to support all those that share my passion of Nature with sustainable curation services. It is something that I really enjoy doing and a goal that I want to dedicate all my time on the blockchain. But nevertheless, even ten Hivers like me could not acquire the needed funds for future Hive developments. From my site it is an loud and clear Yes to a funded DAO.



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You are on top of the world! Just need a broom and a magic wand then you could make things happen like magic!

Haha, if it was just as easy as that with magic ;) .. As a child I played magician a lot. But as I consider chemistry to be magic two, I am actually one now, just my wand is a imaginary one formed from my mind, hehe 🤣 .. have a nice weekend @kaminchan ! .. Oh, by the way, I made you into a moderator in the hive community 😉

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