Amazing Nature Contest - March 2020 - Rose

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Hello my friend,

For the great contest hosted by @adalger, I will share this first week a rose.
WhatsApp Image 20200213 at 08.52.28.jpeg

I love roses. For me they have two main significations : LOVE and LIFE
WhatsApp Image 20200213 at 08.52.27 1.jpeg

I have taken these pictures last year when I was walking in a garden while speaking with a friend. I found her just amazing and wonderful. I had to took it.

And here is a sweet nice rose song for you my dear friends - La vie en rose in english by Edith piaf the french singer.

With roses :)


Hehe, thank you for the roses and by accompanying it by this great song ^^ .. This for sure is a post that @nelinoeva would enjoy ;)

It's a pleasure for me. When I wrote my post, this old song came on my mind. Thanks for the contest again :)

Thank you @adalger for tagging me in your vomment.
Yes, I do enjoy the rose photos and the lovely song 😀🌹

Hello Nelinoeva, I am happy that you appreciate the roses and the greatest song :) :)
I wish you a nice end of week.

You are most welcome 😀

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