So... We are moving to Hive?

in #hive3 years ago

To be honest, initially I had no idea what the fuzz was all about.
Big drama, something about centralization and so on.

On Steemit it was the first time I wrote about my hobbies and my life.
I started with my model train project, wrote a bit about my vacations and computer game projects.
More or less successful from a blogger point of view, but for me, personally, it worked out better than expected.

This made Steemit to some kind of special thing for me and I actually did not want to leave it. Initially.

After all, seeing all those curators, big content creators as well as eSteem move to Hive and thinking about all the things that happened I decided to move to Hive as well.

After the hard fork, I will continue posting about my modeling and game development on Hive.
I really hope things go well and the new plattform will find enough users to hit a critical mass which is necessary to run it.

So long, I hope to see you on Hive again all the best and stay healthy.

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