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What the f--k is going on here. I have never supported anything to do with Justin Sun and his takeover. I took the time to vote for new witnesses when I was asked. My votes were cast for everyone below # 20 just like I was instructed. I was also placed on a list informing me that I still had 4 other votes I could cast after casting my initial votes. I followed the advice of @tarazkp, @jaynie, @melinda010100 as all I wanted to do was to support everything that was going on in the way of removing the 20 sockpuppets that you say I voted for. I constantly went back to the chart to see how we were doing with the new witnesses.

To be included on this exclusion list is unfathomable. I love this community and have done everything in my power to support it and to move in a direction of becoming decentralized. As I sit here typing this reply my blood pressure is skyrocketing. The double whammy is that my wife who goes by @farm-mom is also on this exclusion list. She has done exactly the same thing I have done and this double whammy is more than we can handle. At 67 years young, I don't need this aggravation and unless someone at the top of this new decentralized block-chain called Hive can get this matter straightened out, both #thebigsweed and #farm-mom are going to hang it up, and that would be a real shame as we both have made so many friends and we both feel that we have created content that has been enjoyed by so many. Never any shit posts, never any self voting, and always interacting with the community with real replies, ones that are thoughtful and engaging.
Their are many people in the community that can vouch for our involvement and the quality of our content.Just to name a few, @jaynie, @broncnutz, @jlsplatts, @melinda010100, @riverflows @lizelle, @intothewild, @jerrytsuseer, @papilloncharity, @galenkp, @ecotrain, @tattoodjay, @plantstoplanks @glenalbrethsen @zekepickleman, @goldenoakfarm, @adagler @glenalbrethsen.

I have to end this right now as my frustration level is off of the charts.
I hope someone at the top of @hive can get this matter straightened out. If there was anything that Robin and I have done wrong it was due to our ignorance and had nothing to do with sockpuppets, Suns, or anything else that may have eliminated us from this airdrop.
Boy were we looking to get started on this new platform, not so much anymore.
Good luck to all of our friends here on steemit I only wish we were taking this journey with you.

Please excuse any errors in this reply, my hands are shaking. I'm really MAD.


It seems you were voting on at least some of the wrong accounts. I will try to forward this on to someone, but I think it might have to wait until after. I will try to help you sort it out though.

@tarazkp any help will be greatly appreciated, thank you very much for your understanding. Good luck with this new platform, I'm sure you will kill it.

I gave you all the HIVE I had after the airdrop, so you have just under a dollar in your Hive wallet Bob


@jerrytsuseer, this is the first I've been on any platform since the drop. My apologies for not responding sooner, but this incident really took the air out of my sails. You are the first person I have replied to or been in touch with.
I just wanted to let you know that your generosity really is appreciated! I also see that you delegated 200 hive to me. Guys like yourself are what really make up a community.
Be well my friend. In short order, I hope to be active once again, and start enjoying Hive as I did Steemit. Your support will never be forgotten.

I have a handful of other people I need to thank, and we will see what happens from there.

I am so very happy to hear from you, that you are alive and well.
I hope you and Robin can make it over soon, although I've just hit a 'rough patch' with one of the uppity ups on one of the "communities", so that now I too, am rethinking my participation in this rodeo.
What has happened to me smacks of the same censorship that Juice Tin is employing now here in steemit.
But I am hoping this will pass and I can get on with my life.

I have enjoyed our conversations, and I relish being able to continue having them my friend Bob.
you @thebigsweed and Robin @farm-mom be well. Keep in touch. If you'll come to discord DM, I'll exchange irl contact info with you, if we haven't already.

I just saw your names on that list and was going over to see if I could find out what the reason could possibly be. I'll do what I can to help you get this sorted. ❤️

it will have to be done post-fork. I have already talked to people about it.

@melinda010100 thanks for what ever help you can provide, you are a real community member as you are always willing to lend a hand. Good luck to you with Hive.

I gave you all the HIVE I had after the airdrop, so you have just under a dollar in your Hive wallet Bob


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