Well... It might be time for a new tattoo...

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Soooo, I kinda made a pretty big personal investment in STEEM a couple years ago.

With the new HIVE blockchain going live tomorrow, and a mass majority of the STEEM community already committed to , my brother asked me how I now feel about the tattoos on my hands...


I've had people ask me things along the same lines before. "What happens when this whole stupid cryptocurrency thing dies? You're gonna feel dumb with those tattoos then, huh?"

My answer has always been the same. No matter what happens to STEEM, or cryptocurrency in general, this ink in my hands isn't a symbol of fandom, it's a story. A story about a "crazy" group of people who sought to put the power of money into the hands of everyone, and create a future free from the corruption of long established financial systems. My grandchildren will ask what these symbols are, and watch as their grandfathers eyes light up. I kinda hope they equate bitcoin or steem to something like the betamax or cassette tapes. "Jeez grandpa, you used Bitcoin?!? You're so old! Everyone just uses Wholecoins now.", but I digress...

It's the word "corruption" that sticks out now more than ever. I won't pretend I have any idea what Sun intends to do with his newly acquired social platform, and I've not been present enough to really have a firm grasp on what exactly has gone down since he purchased Steemit, but from what I've read, no one seems to be happy about it.

I've been a member of this amazing community since about 6 months after its birth, so I've seen a lot of shit go down, but I've never seen something so bad that all the OGs and influential players agree that we should just say "Fork it" and branch off. I've definitely got a backlog of reading that needs to be done to understand a little better just exactly wtf happened.

Regardless of how this plays out, I have a permanent STEEM symbol stamped into my hands. I jokingly replied to my brother that if we honestly decide as a whole to migrate to a new platform to essentially negate the idea that someone can just come along and buy us, I'm 100% down. If this all goes through, I will likely get the new HIVE logo tattooed directly over the ones that are already there. You'd still be able to see the STEEM logo underneath, and that would only add to the story.

I'm intrigued as to how well this plan will be executed, and this may honestly be the fire I needed to get back into the game. What do you think about everything that's going on?

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